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Chattanooga State SAILS Training

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Katrina Keene

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Chattanooga State SAILS Training

How SAILS Works
Bridge Building (The ‘seamless alignment’ part)
Chattanooga State Community College instructors and regional HS teachers developed
a combined HS/college math course (SAILS) during summer workshop sessions
Aligned/embedded TBR college developmental competencies with the TN DOE bridge
math standards

Targets students not ready for college-level math
Scoring <19 on the national ACT math section during junior year spring testing
HS administration places seniors in the class based on internal requirements for HS
bridge math

How SAILS Works
Offers SAILS course as a dual credit (The ‘integrated learning support’ part)
No college-teaching credential required for the HS teacher/facilitator
Classroom teacher, CC math instructor, and field coordinator form team to support
HS teacher spends time helping students learn the material, not processing papers
No cost to students or schools
High School Transcripts

Content and assessments delivered online ensures
Uniformity and quality
Secure records management
Provides real-time tracking of student progress
Comprehensive data available to measure program success

Dynamic Instruction
Blended Learning
Assessments and resources are online
HS teacher/facilitator provides individual assistance
Students have mobility to work at home
Classes meet in a computer lab at least 50% of the time; many classes
meet in computer lab 100% of the time

Mastery Learning
Students complete all assignments
Students demonstrate mastery over concepts and skills, ensuring a
proper foundation for success in college

The SAILS Team
Chattanooga State Community College
Dr. Robert Denn, SAILS Project Director
Dru Smith, Director of Mathematics
Jeannette Tippett, SAILS Lead Field Coordinator--East
Chattanooga State Community College

High School Administrators, Guidance Counselors, and Teachers
SAILS Regional Field Coordinators-
Hersh Patel, Dave Pickering, Andy Hill

SAILS Year 2: 2014-15 School Year
SAILS expansion
All 13 community colleges working with 184
high schools
13,636 students


SAILS Team: Chattanooga State
Support the implementation of the program to
ensure certain levels of uniformity of across the
Administer funding for student access to the
on-line software and other aspects of the program
Provide weekly reporting to the SAILS team and officials at the state level
Develop and maintain state-wide database of student results

SAILS Team: Chattanooga State
Deliver the curriculum and set requirements for competencies
Train teachers to use the on-line program
Link area high schools for sharing best practices
Work with Chattanooga State to ensure student results are recorded
Support various dual-enrollment opportunities for fall SAILS completers

SAILS Team: School Administrators
Complete control of the class enrollments and daily operations of the class
Provide the classes with computer lab time (at least 50% of the time, ideally 100% of the time)
Provide incentives and penalties to encourage 100% of students to complete SAILS
Link passing Bridge Math (graduation) with SAILS completion
Positive attitude about SAILS and the opportunity it provides for your students

SAILS Team: School Guidance
Understand the purpose of SAILS and who can most benefit from it
Help get the correct students into the SAILS classes
Support the incentives and penalties to encourage 100% of students to complete SAILS
Be aware of dual-enrollment opportunities for fall SAILS completers and encourage SAILS students to take advantage of those chances
Positive attitude about SAILS and the opportunity it provides for your students

SAILS Team: School Teacher
Implement the program as required by your Community College
Provide individual assistance to students
Keep students on task, providing frequent benchmarks for students
Individual instruction/counseling with students that are not on task
Positive attitude about SAILS and the opportunity it provides for your students
Parent Letters
Maintain academic integrity in your classroom
Please complete SAILS Academic Integrity Contract include your packet.

SAILS Team: Field Coordinator
Form partnerships with teachers and school administrators
Frequent classroom visits to support teachers
Help ensure proper implementation of CC program
Assist with questions from students, teachers, and community college
Work to minimize problems
Record keeping/weekly reporting/monitoring progress
Provide feedback on progress to all team members
College counseling and advising

100% Completion
lignment and


In the Classroom

Google Chrome- Disable Popup Blockers
CSCC Website
6 Units
Passing Score of 75% for Tests, 80% for Quiz, 85% for Homework
Student Login

Assignment Manager
Due Dates
Number of Attempts
Time Limit
Enable Access
Settings per Class

Log in
Gradebook Tools
All Assignments
Student Profile
Test Dates/Times
Change Score
No Calculator in Unit 1
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