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How do you see web pages?

No description

James Holmes

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of How do you see web pages?

How you see web pages...
By James Holmes

Wessex Computing Teacher

The User
Spending hours watching cats playing pianos and bad auditions for Britains Got Talent.
When we type an url into our browser it is packaged up and sent to...
This takes the packet and transfers it to...
(Internet Service Provider)
This allows your router to connect to other routers and ISP's.
It sends your packet to a...
The switch
This joins all your devices into a LAN (Local Area Network.)
It sends your packet to...
(Domain Name Server)

This opens your packet and then finds your websites IP address in a directory. It then sends a request in another packet to the location of your website's IP address via the...
The Web Server

This is where your website's data is stored. This data is then packaged up and sent to you via a...
This sends your packet to...
We all take the internet for granted and use it daily, but do we really know the amazing journey our data takes?

It all starts with...
If only it were that simple...
It's not just your lan...

1000's of routers connect different LANs to your ISP.
It's not just your ISP...

1000's of ISP's are connected to 1000's of other ISP's.
Which are also connected to 1000's of routers which...
The User
Now your computer has the IP address of the website from the D.N.S it now sends a request to that IP to receive the web pages data via ...
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