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Latin America

No description

Logan Benchina

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Latin America

LATIN AMERICA Nassau,Bahamas San Jose,Costa Rica Buenos Aires,Argentina Costa Rica's currency is Colon. One Colon equals $ 0.00194 in U.S. Argentina's currency is Paso. One Paso equals $ .257965 in U.S. Argentina's currency is Peso. One Peso equals $ .257965 in U.S. Bahamas currency is Behamian. One Behamian equals the same in U.S. June is the best month for San Jose, temperatures in the high seventies. Summer is the best in the Bahamas. The Bahamas stays warm throughout the year, temperatures never below sixty degrees. Spring is the best season in Buenos Aires. It is very warm and comfortable. Seafood is very popular in Nassau. All kinds of fish and lobster are eaten in Nassau. The food is great. Fried rice and chicken, vegetables, and fruit are the main dishes in San Jose. Many kinds of meats are loved in Buenos Aires. Steak is the best for Argentinians. One activity that you will be doing is the SUB Bahamas Adventure. Explore the ocean and shipwrecks in your own submarine. Take a Nassau city and country tour with Ardastra Gardens. Tour the city and look at historic places. The Rose Island Robinson Crusoe Cruise. A relaxing boat ride to watch the Carribean sea. The Combo Tour lets you see part of the rainforest. See all kinds of rainforest animals. You will have fun with the Ruinas de Ujarras. You get to explore historic ruins and have lots of fun. You will be doing two fantastic activities. One will be the Costa Rail Tour, you will get to ride a train and watch the physical features that Argentina has to offer. Another activity will be the Argentina Fiesta Gaucha Day Trip from Buenos Aires. Two wonderful things! The Bahamas government type is Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy. It is headed by a prime minister with an upper house, the senate, and lower house of assembly. Costa Rica's government type is Democratic Republic, where people get the right to own their own property, the right of petition and assembly, and the freedom of speech. Argentina's government type is Federal Republic. It's executive branch has a chief of state and a head of state.
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