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1. Blueprint & Execution Overview

No description

Seth Hymes

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of 1. Blueprint & Execution Overview

Blueprint & Execution Overview
The Way In
Your Career Starts Here!
Blueprint = Step by Step
The Industry
Welcome! I'm thrilled you've joined me. You've just made the first step in your career.
I stumbled my way into this field with no idea how great it was.
You're doing better than me already - getting advice from someone with experience in an organized and actionable way.
Unlike school, where they kind of tell you to "get a job", you'll be getting a step by step plan to getting a job.
It's important to follow each step, please watch each video before you take any action or go out there.
In this video, I'm going to give you "the plan" - how I'm going to get you into a job in Digital Marketing without a degree or any fancy in depth technical training.
It's how I did it.
My Goal - to make this SIMPLE even though the concepts can be complex
Digital Marketing is NEW, really only around for 20 years
Therefore there simply isn't a robust workforce - people with experience, or even training
There is a HUGE LACK of qualified workers - which is why salaries are so high and recruiters are desperate
Employers want experience - when they run ads saying "5 yrs required" they get nobody
So they have to lower standards and actually TRAIN people on the job
That's how I got in
On the other hand, they aren't handing out jobs to just anybody on the street
You must "learn the language"
Learning the DM Language
Digital Marketing - even with everyone in the world so tech savvy, almost NOBODY speaks the language
Hiring Managers don't want to train a newcomer COMPLETELY from scratch
But if you at least SPEAK THE LANGUAGE - then you have a very good chance of getting in
Kind of like if you're a football fan, or love video games.
Other people don't get it until you meet another fan.
If you can connect with a hiring manager about the Digital Marketing they will be THRILLED -
Even if you aren't that experienced or credentialed
Again, how I did it.
"My Fair Lady" with Computers
We're going to clean you up and teach you to speak "properly" about DM - and even get experience doing it - so you can "win over" a Hiring Manager.
GOLDILOCKS Level of Knowledge
There is a LOT to Digital Marketing
Tons of technical information, 3 years of school, theory, etc = TOO MUCH!
Some online courses, very fluffy and thin, not practical = TOO LITTLE
1st Job in Digital Marketing WILL BE YOUR TRAINING GROUND
You'll learn more there than in my course, or any expensive college course, or from theory
From there, you will leverage your real world knowledge into a career that can go in many different, awesome directions
Digital Marketing in Plain English
Birds Eye View of the whole business, before you get into specific career paths.
I'm going to show you how all the different parts of Digital Marketing work together
You'll be oriented moving forward, i.e. know what the heck is going on!
The Jobs/Careers Available
You'll learn what each job is, what is required to do them, and how they work together to make marketing work for the client
I'll also go over some actual live job postings so you can get a sense of these jobs in real life
Bootstrapping Your Training
Colleges are too slow to keep up with this field, and out of touch.
Learn how to get training on all the aspects of Digital Marketing for free or very little, and how to be autodidactic (self educating)
This is a skill you'll need throughout your career
Primary Skill: PAID SEARCH
Highest Job Demand/Highest Pay
Learn how to use AdWords, What Keywords are and why they are such a big deal, Analytics
Running and Managing Paid Ads to Promote Your Client's Stuff
AdWords Certification is Magic for Your Resume and LinkedIn
How to "rank in Google", how to get followers on Facebook and run ads there, and how to sell things to people through email
All part of the Digital Marketing equation - but second to AdWords
Review and Execute Skills
This Course
I'll deliver the most important lessons, overview, the practical understanding you need in lectures
Then, I'll assign additional reading, courses, websites for you to get the in depth technical stuff
You need experience to get the job, but how can you get experience w/out one?
Like I did, you will create your own real world experience by executing the skills you have just learned
Running Paid Ad Campaigns, building and SEO Optimizing a Site, etc.
The more you do, the more you learn, the more confidence you'll have when going for that 1st job
Even if you are new to Digital Marketing, there is such a demand you can also work directly for clients with everything you will learn here and you will learn through your own study and application
However focus is on getting hired, learning on the job
My Story
Unemployed in 2011 knowing nothing about internet marketing
March 2011 got hired for my first "entry level" account job, hired due to my own self education
2011 - $16/hr-$18/hr really a learning environment
2013 - $30/hr Job - $60K
2014 - $75K > $82.5K > $103K
Take Everything You've Learned and Turn It Into Your First Job/Internship
How to Write Your Resume, Cover Letter, Find Jobs/Internships >> Connect with Agencies that will be Delighted to either hire you and/or train you and give you experience
How to Interview/Talk to Employers
How to Leverage Your 1st Job into a Much, Much Better Job and Into the Future
Working with Recruiters (Allowing Recruiters to Make Life Very Very Easy for You)
Remote and Contract Work
Learn Digital Marketing Concepts and Skills and Practice Them
Use your new knowledge and experience to get entry level job
Leverage 1st job into Career
Work at your own pace - you can devour this in a week and go
These jobs are THERE - let's get you into one starting NOW...
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