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No description

Anna Fyfe

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Scotland

World Map of Scotland Scotland is in the U.K., which is part of Europe. Map of Scotland Scotland's Flag The blue stands for vigilance, truth, loyalty, and justice. Scotland's Fact's and Stat's Scotland has 5.1 million people. Why I Chose Scotland I chose Scotland because
my ancestors came from the kingdom of Fife and because I do highland dance. Scotland The Atlantic Ocean surrounds Scotland. Scotland's neighbor is England. Scotland is near northern Ireland and Ireland. Scotland's main languages are Gaelic, English,
and Picish script. Scotland's land area is 78,775 in square km. The white stand's for peace and honesty. The white "X" in the middle stands
for St.Andrew. Scotland's People Scotland's Landscape Scotland's landscape is very beautiful. Scotland's climate is very cool and wet. Scotland's landscape is very mossy, rugged, snowy and mountainous. Scotland has lot's of lochs. (lakes) Scotland's people are very proud of there country. Scottish people wear
the same clothes as us because they are close to us and have the same weather. Some Scot's have red hair. Scotland's Animals Highland Dance Highland dance is performed in a vest, kilt, and gillies. Scot's used to dance before they went to battle. At first Highland dancing was only for boys. Bagpipes The bagpipes have been around for a long time . You can see bagpipers at many parades. The Bagpipes are very hard to play because they use a lot of air. Scotland's National Treasures Scotland's Foods Loch Ness Monster Unicorn The unicorn is Scotland's national animal. It's the the national animal because it's part of a lot of their stories. The Loch Ness monster is said to live in the Loch (lake) of Ness. No one Knows 100% if it is real or fake. Scotland's Government Scotland is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. Scotland has its own government that deals with education and housing. The English government deals with Foreign affairs and military. Scotland's History One of Scotland's most famous Queens is Mary Queen of Scot's. She was killed by Queen Elizabeth I. One of Scotland's famous battles is the battle at Neville's Cross. Scotland evaded England but lost. By Anna Fyfe June 4 2013 Famous Places to go in Scotland Hi Arthur's seat "Tall ship" Rosalyn chapel Rocks Scotland's Standard of Living Christian Perspective Mar sen leat! Scotland's Economy and Industry Scotland's main industries
are sheep, trees, fish, and
whiskey. Scotland sells 36 bottles of whiskey every second. Scotland's standard of living is very good. It is like that because it is very rich in resources. In Scotland prices for every thing are very low.
In Canada prices are higher than in Scotland in both Canada and Scotland gasoline is very expensive. Scotland has been blessed by
God when they discovered oil off the coast, and when God blessed them with a beautiful landscape . I think that Scotland should be helping others because it has a lot of resources that it can use to bless other countries and show God's love. St. Andrews Golf Course hi Give me a A+
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