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Mechanical Engineer

No description

olivia easton

on 27 December 2014

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer
By: Olivia Easton
Mechanical engineers are people that work on finding new ways to use less energy but still work very efficiently. Mechanical Engineers help to design, test, and build new machines. They calculate costs, build prototypes for big projects, and may oversee the construction. That is mostly what mechanical engineers do.
Helpful High School Courses
Working Conditions
Blueprint Reading
Computer Applications
Computer-Assisted Design (CAD)
When picking classes in high school with engineering in mind you should really consider taking advanced high school courses, along with these courses:
Engineers communicate by phone, emailing, letters,memos ,or in person. They must have a medium level of social interaction and work most of the time on teams. Usually work indoors and occasionally exposed to hazardous equipment. Might here loud noises that could damage the ears. They must be highly accurate throughout preforming a job. Work 40 hours per week.
Physical Demands
They use there hands a lot and must be able to see small details from a few feet away. Speak clearly so that others can here you and must be able to recognize the difference between similar sounds and objects. They also must be able to understand others when they are speaking and focus on one sound and ignore others.
Skills and Abilities
Licensing & Certification
Billings: 25%= $67,010; median= $77,080;75%=$91,770

Montana: 25%= $62,510; median= $72,850;75%=$91,820

United States: 25%= $65,370; median= $82,100;75%=$102,770
Mechanical engineers need to be able to ask questions and express ideas clearly when speaking. They also need to problem solve as well. Along with those they need to manage time and use math skills to solve problems. Mechanical engineers are almost always working with people so they need good people skills. Analyzing needs and requirements when designing products. They also need to quickly and accurately compare letters,numbers,objects,pictures, or patterns.
Engineers need knowledge of how to build machines, buildings, and other things. Also knowledge of how to use machines, tools, and computers to do work more usefully. They need knowledge of how products are supplied and made. Next they need knowledge of managing the operations of a group, business, or company. This is some knowledge needed to be a mechanical engineer.
Typically you need these things to be an engineer:

a High school diploma or GED
a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering
a license
Most people get a bachelors degree in engineering. That means about four of five years of college. Some companies require a masters or PhD in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers get on average one to two years or on the job training, also in large companies you may get formal classroom training as well. Internship is very helpful as well.
Basic requirements for licensing as a professional engineer:

a doctorate degree in engineering and four years of progressive engineering experience
Four year related science degree, passed the fundamentals of engineering examination, and have obtained 8 years of engineering experience under a professional engineer
Four year ABET-accredited engineering degree, passed the fundamentals of engineering examination, and have obtained 4 years of engineering experience under a professional engineer
Four year related science or engineering degree with 20 years of engineering experience of which 10 years must be in charge of important engineering projects
Before becoming a professional engineer in Montana The minimum requirements are:

Four-year ABET-accredited engineering degree and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination. Or four-year related science degree, passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, and have obtained 4 years of progressive engineering experience.
Montana: 434 22.6% 25 high
United States: 258,100 4.5 9,970 high
Annual Openings
this occupation
Typically Mechanical engineers have the following interests:
They like work activities that have to do with ideas and thinking, and have investigative interests. They like to search for facts and figure out solutions to problems.
Have realistic interests. They like work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They like to work with animals, plants, and physical materials such as tools, wood, and machinery. They often prefer to work outside.
They like work activities that follow set procedures, routines, and standards. They like to work with data and detail. They prefer working where there is a clear line of authority to follow.
The demand for this occupation is growing slowly. The need for improved machinery and machine tools will increase demand. Also, emerging technologies in material science, biotechnology , and nanotechnology will create new job opportunities.
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