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Urban Outfitters Marketing Plan

No description

Carly Hamer

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Urban Outfitters Marketing Plan

Introduction to Marketing Individual Marketing Plan Urban Outfitters Mission Statement

Corporate Goals

Business Units


Customer Profile

External SWOT Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Internal SWOTAnalysis

Marketing Plan Mission Statement

Our established ability to understand our customers and connect with them on an emotional level is the reason for our success. The reason for this success is that our brands—Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People—are both compelling and distinct. Each brand chooses a particular customer segment, and once chosen, sets out to create sustainable points of distinction with that segment. In the retail brands we design innovative stores that resonate with the target audience; offer an eclectic mix of merchandise in which hard and soft goods are cross merchandised; and construct unique product displays that incorporate found objects into creative selling vignettes. The emphasis is on creativity. Our goal is to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy. Corporate Goals

Our goal is to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy.

Our goal at Urban Outfitters is to be the brand of choice for well-educated, urban-minded young adults. We accomplish our objective by creating a differential shopping experience, which creates an emotional bond with the 18 to 30 year old target customer we serve. Currently, we operate more than 123 stores in the US, Canada, and Europe. Our stores offer a unique and eclectic mix of fashion merchandise in a lifestyle sensitive store environment. Products range from women's & men's apparel, accessories and footwear to items for the apartment, as well as gifts and novelties.

Our goal always is to bring her happiness galore; in every experience that is free people.

Lifestyle merchandising is our business and our passion. The goal for our brands is to build a strong emotional bond with the customer. Business Units Corporate Officers

Eric Artz--Chief Financial Officer

Glen A. Bodzy--General Counsel and Secretary•

Margaret Hayne--President, Free People

Richard A. Hayne--Chairman of the Board of Directors and President

Oona McCullough--Director of Investor Relations

Wendy B. McDevitt--Global Co-President, Anthropologie, Inc.

Stephen Murray--Global President, Urban Outfitters Brand

Glen T. Senk--Chief Executive Officer, Urban Outfitters, Inc.

Wendy Wurtzburger--Global Co-President, Anthropologie, Inc.

Freeman M. Zausner--Chief Administrative Officer Customer Profile

Region: USA, Canada, Europe
City size: 30,000+
Urban/rural: urbanClimate: all weather

Age: 18-30
Sex: male and female
Income: 20,000-100,000+
Education: well-educated
Occupation: student or creative/artsy profession
Ethnic background: multi-ethnical

Personality: fun, care-free
Life-style: interests in contemporary art, music and fashion Competition

Open stores in Asia to get ahead of competitors.
H&M has a similar target market but they cover more area in terms of worldwide that Urban doesn’t.
Competitors that have stores in Asia already have an advantage in a developing market.


American pride rose since Osama’s death so moral is high and people are in a good mood.
Recession affects their target market that can’t afford to pay a lot for clothes. Nature

Stuck inside a mall during bad weather will attract more customers considering they may want to stay inside.
Stores are located in shopping malls or downtown cities so bad weather will keep shoppers away if the bad weather affects travel.

Politics and Regulations

Sales tax went down in July.
Gas prices soared to over $5
Tuition prices went up affecting the target market.


Social media in today’s world presents a ton of possibilities to advertise to the target market.
Website hackings cause online sale problems Glasglow, Scotland Copenhagen, Denmark Strengths:
Both had a great style of blazer in a simple navy color. H & M’s price is just right for the amount of use most women get out of a blazer.

Urban’s price was a little too high for a blazer and it was in the back corner of the store. Blazers are always in season and go great over cute spring dresses so they would of got more attention in the front of the store. Urban Outfitters

Product Navy Blue Blazer by Silence & Noise

Price $78.00
Place In back of store by dressing rooms
hanging on the wall. Displayed
with shirts that would match.

Promotion Promoted with other tops that
could be mixed and matched H & M

Product Navy Blue Blazer by H&M

Price $39.95

Place On a stand-alone rack in middle of store with shirts on the rack as well.

Promotion Promoted in the middle of store where all customers can see it.

Marketing Plan: Market

Objective: Expand our existing brand into Asia by 2012 Strategy
• Identify major cities that would bring in most revenue
• Get population census for most urban cities.
• Find other highly populated shopping areas to potentially move into.

• Locate colleges and universities to place stores by
• Research the areas around the campuses for potential to buy the land to place stores on or buy existing building for location Strategy
Figure out trends in Asia to gear merchandise towards
Visit the larger cities to get a feel of the people who live and shop there and take notes on their style.
Research the popular stores and designers.
Check out the fashion advertising and magazines with the latest trends.
Take a survey to see what customers would most want to see in the stores. Strategy
Advertise like crazy to get a customer baseo
Create advertisements geared toward the target customer base in Asia.
Put ads in the local paper and billboards.
Make the ad according to the standards and culture to be well received.

This will take 50% of our budget because of relocation and opening new stores. Strategy
Offer in-store incentives to keep customers coming back.
Give them a coupon for their next shopping experience when they pay at the register.
Give a free item with a certain total purchase amount.

Have a system to follow-up with customers who shop in the stores to get feedback and bring them back in the store.
Place postcard like surveys in shopping bags and remind them to fill it out or go online to fill it out.
Have them fill out a survey in the store at the register.

Have in-store events to attract new customers
Advertise at college campuses to let new and continuing students know about the event
Offer food and drink as incentives
Offer discounts on merchandise just during the evento

This plan will take 5% of our budget Marketing Plan: Sales

Objective: Raise in store sales by 5% next quarter Marketing Plan: Product

Objective: Make our BHLDN brand more well-known and open stores by 2012 Strategy
Attend bridal shows
Set up a booth at bridal expos that will attract customers shopping for a dress.
Have the same Urban Outfitters aspect so that loyal customers will be attracted.
Make sure that all aspects of BHLDN are displayed including bridesmaid dress

Advertise in the stores of Urban Outfitters to draw customers to visit the website.
At the registers, place postcards, flyers and posters that have the website on it.
Have a dress on display with all the detail on where to get them. Strategy
Send out a newsletter or catalog to customerso
Most customers do not know about the new bridal line, so have a newsletter dedicated just to the line that informs customers on exactly what BHLDN sells.
Send out a survey to people who would be interested in receiving the newsletter or catalog.
Send a catalog to brides-to-be with dresses that are sold through BHLDN.

Open a pop up shop to try out selling the product besides online.
Choose a few big cities where the best reaction to the shop would be.
Find a prime location that could be rented for a month or so.
Have some key dresses for brides to try on in which they then can go online to order the actual size they need.
Have the accessories and shoes in stock to sell at the pop-up shop.
Also have the bridesmaid dresses on display since most brides will need bridesmaid dresses.
Advertise on the website and send out flyers proclaiming that the store will be up for the time allotted.
Get in touch with the cities newspapers to place ads in. Budget
This plan will take 15% of our budget
Customer Profile

A lot of new graduates flock to urban cities
Customers have brand loyalty
Urban is lagging behind in Asian market.
Student and lower income customers may not be able to afford high priced items

Product Mix

One stop shopping experience for all things urban.
Do a good job of mixing merchandise equally throughout the store from women’s, men’s to home décor.
Keep inventories lean and have a high product turnover considering they receive new merchandise every two weeks.
Products are getting high priced



Have a lot of new designers and contemporary brands that are growing in the Urban stores Pricing Strategies

Sales are a great deal when they happen and the stock is decent.
Have a lot of bundle priced items which go over well with the customers.
Can be overpriced for the target market of college students


Stores offer a unique shopping experience
Each store is designed different according to the location
Store ambience matches that of the merchandise being sold.


Strong brand recognition
They have a blog that not only promotes their store but other things urban in relation to fashion.
Their store windows are very interesting and inviting.
No strong sense of promotion in places that isn’t urban. Internal SWOT Analysis (Microenvironment) By: Carly Hamer External SWOT Analysis (Macroenvironment)
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