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Bullying: Grades K-1 School Presentation

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Sarah Mitchell

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Bullying: Grades K-1 School Presentation

Primary School Presentation

A Story
We are going to take a minute to talk about a student who experienced bullying.
Telling Versus Tattling
*Telling happens when a person is trying to help someone.

* Tattling happens when a person is trying to get others in trouble.
Adam was a new student at Glennmore School. His teacher and most of the students were nice.
Adam's Story
What is Bullying?
Bullies may:

*Not think about other's feelings

*Want to make others sad or upset

*Use their body to hurt someone
Hit, Kick, or Push

*Use their words to hurt someone
Say Mean Things

*Tell Other Kids not to Play with someone
Ted is bullying Adam
Adam is being Bullied
The Bystanders
*Some kids watch bullies but don't try to help

*Some kids may help the bullies

*It is when someone hurts another person on purpose with words or with their body.
*It happens over and over.
*It may take place: classroom, hallway, bathroom, playground, bus, bus stop, lunchroom, at home, or through electronic devices (Texting or E-mail) and social media (FACEBOOK).
*It often involves 3 groups: The Victim, The Bully, & The Bystanders.
What can Adam do?
Questions to Ask to Help You Decide
*Could someone get hurt?

*Is someone afraid?

*Will it help someone?

*Does an adult need to know what is happening?

*when someone says they
have a weapon at school

*when you see someone
with a weapon

*when someone says they
are going to bring a weapon to school

Always Tell an Adult....
A weapon is anything that can be used to hurt someone else.
*Does Not Want to be Bullied

*Feels Alone, Sad, and Scared

* May crying or becoming angry about what the bully is doing
* He can tell an adult

* He can stay with friends
when an adult is not close by

*He can tell Ted that he doesn't like what Ted is doing.
Unfortunately, one student named, Ted, was not very nice to Adam. In fact, Ted actually was very mean to Adam. He called Adam names and tried to get others to laugh at him. He also threatens to hurt Adam everyday at lunch if he doesn't give him his food at lunch.
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