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T1 CH5 §1 Prosperity increases

No description

J.J.C. Arkenbout

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of T1 CH5 §1 Prosperity increases

almost no trade
This changed
But why??
cultivation of: woods, swmaps and
waste lands
consequence: more trade
consequence: coins
consequence: markets
Framers produced more then they needed
- Arabic collar
- Horseshoe
- Iron plough
More cities arose
Not everyone needed to be a farmer
Where did the cities arose?
next to a river
Besides a castle or monastery
where there was a market
crossing of roads
Because it was
near a castle, the invasions of Vikings also stopped
more long distance travel
The Hanse: an alliance of trading cities in North-Europe
people started to work as a craftsman or a merchant
: there are 3 main reasons for this
1: better tools
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