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Chapter 24 Review

No description

Matt Yancey

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 24 Review

Chapter 24 Review
So What Happened in Africa?
What were some of the benefits?
What were some detractors?
What was done to correct this?
Berlin Act
Slave trade was forbidden by land or sea.
Countries had to notify others when adding additional territories.
Congo Basin was free to trade on
Congo and Niger River would remain neutral and free for trade.
Countries could not have a colony in name only.
Free State of Congo would remain open to all European investments

Under British rule.
East India Company sent over to set up shop and earn the British $$$$$.
Sepoy: Indian soldier
Viceroy: British leader in India, governed the country under British rules and through the queen.
So What Happened in China?
Opium Wars: Chinese are addicted to Opium ----> British Exploit Addiction -----> Chinese Protest -----> British Say's NO ------> Shooting Ensue's
What Is Imperialism?
What are some benefits?
Why did the European powers go?
Imperialism is when one country dominates another politically, economically, and culturally.
Africa was chosen due to it's abundance of Natural resources and it's close proximity to Europe.
There was a mad dash to stake claim in African lands.
This resulted in Friction amongst the Western States.
Otton Von Bismarck called the Berlin Conference to set the ground rules for African colonization.
Key Terms
Protectorate: A local ruler, ruling under the direction of European powers.

Sphere of Influence: Having Exclusive trading rights to a specific area.
With the new territories established, rival ethnic groups were forced to live in close proximity of each other, resulting in Friction.
Fall of the Qing Dynasty
Taiping Rebellion
Sino-Japanese War
Boxer Uprising
Xi-Ci Dies
Positives of Imperialism
Improved roads and railroads
Improved medical centers
Improved schools
Improved economies –jobs and technology
Democracies allow freedom for many people
(except in countries where corruption leads to dictatorships)

Sepoy Rebellion
British give Sepoy's rifles ---> Greased with Cow fat ----> Sepoy's get mad and refuse ---> British torture Sepoy's -----> Sepoy's fight back
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