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The Human Body - Reflexes

No description

Amz S

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of The Human Body - Reflexes

By Savi and Amy The Human Body - Reflexes Human Reflexes - What are They? dictionary.com defines a reflex as:

A reflex is simply a response to a stimulus. It happens immediately. It is also not a volunteered or thought out response. It happens without the animal thinking. A reflex is usually referred to with humans. Furthermore, response time and type of reflex depends on the age or development level of the human. what is it?

The 'Knee-Jerk' Reflex - one of the most well known, is the one that will make your knee jerk if you hit it. 'Knee-Jerk' Reflex (Patellar Reflex) is it a reflex?

Apparently so, although I didn't know. Yawning why do we shiver?

Only warm-blooded animals shiver, and it's a response to early hypothermia. We shiver to maintain Homeostasis (keeping a constant body temperature). Shivering basically:

A reflex is a natural response to something that happens. It is instant. You can't control it. Normally in Humans. Time it takes to respond depends on age and ability of Human. for example:

I drop a knife? What do I do? Become a ninja! Can tell us if we have 'Cerebellar Disease'. cerebellar disease:

The Cerebellum is an important part of the brain, affects control. Contributes to presicion and coordination among other things. what is yawning?

Yawning is inhaling air, eardrums stretching and then large exhale. why do we yawn?

Tiredness, stress, boredem, lack of body activity. Said to be related to brain temperature - we yawn if we need to increase or decrease body temperature. For example if you go really high in a lift you may need to yawn. i still don't get it

Yawns are infectious - can be triggered by the sound or sight of a yawn. This is probably why we yawn lots at school!
It is also said that you yawn to stay alert, I've heard something about you yawn when you wake up to get oxygen to your brain (blood pressure in brain) Yawning | Signs and Symptons 0.36-1.50 what makes us shiver?

Muscle groups around vital organs make us shiver so the organs can maintain a constant temperature. what makes us start?

You start shivering when a part of your body called the primary motor for shivering (located near the posterior hypothalamus which is in your brain) is activated. It could be activated when your temperature is just a fraction of a degree lower than it should be. What About The Common Ones? Thanks For Watching and Listening!
:D when you drop a knife...

It's just your body having a quick reaction time, it naturally responds to danger anyway. the same with pain

When you stick your hand into a flame, or accidentally cut yourself, you automaticaly pull your hand away, right? Body responds to danger! (Hold a 30cm long ruler. Get your friend to drop it and see how fast you can catch it, the lower the down you catch it, the quicker your reaction time is! One Last Example...
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