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Pro's and Cons of drinking energy drinks

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Judy Liu

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Pro's and Cons of drinking energy drinks

5.) Other Ingredients
2.) Sugar
3.) Caffeine
4.) Alcohol

Pro's and Cons of drinking energy drinks
1.)Energy Boosts
4.) Pushes you to the limit
3.) Carb. content
2.) Convenience
5.) Electrolytes
Pro's of drinking energy drinks
Different types of energy drinks
Energy drinks provide energy for the people who struggle reach the end of the day.
Drinking a can of an energy drink is a lot faster than waiting for a fresh cup of coffee.
Drinking energy drinks causes athletes to exceed beyond their workout limit.
Cons of drinking energy drinks
Most energy drinks contain a significant amount of carbs. These carbs lead to increased energy.
By: Caroline C. and Judy L.
Sugar is one of the most popular way to gain energy, but only for a temporary amount of time. It also causes *obesity and unnecessary weight gain.
Too much coffee can cause , nervousness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure.
Many energy drinks contain alcohol, which can decrease your productivity and can be dangerous if you work with machinery or drive.
The effect of ingredients such as caffeine and herbs are unknown at the time. Also energy drink companies are not required to write caffeine on the labels,so you must be careful how much you consume.
If drunken too much, then you can get highly addicted. This can lead to random mood swings and painful headaches.
When your body is tired, it has the urge for water-though water is not the only thing your bodies craves. It need something you lose every time you sweat -Electrolytes. Energy drinks contain this ingredient to help your body.
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Energy Drinks
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The Pros and Cons of energy Drinks
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