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Mercury & Venus

No description

Tyra Jones

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Mercury & Venus

A day last 59 earth days
Moon like surface is composed of Volcanic rocks
Mercury And What It Features
The density is 5,44g/cm3
Mercury's length
A Day on Mercury
Temperature is 473 degrees Celsius
Mercury & Venus
The smallest planet
No Moons
Composed mostly of volcanic rocks
The diameter is 4,879 km
Distance from the sun is 0.39AU
An inner planet
Interesting Facts & Why Mercury is unique!
NASA Mariner spacecraft founded Mercury in 1974
Its unique because its a small planet
Made of volcanic rocks thats what makes it unique
Venus Features
Humid planet
Tropical Forest
168 volcanoes
0 moons
Venus Length
12,104 km diameter
0.72 AU distance from the sun
Sulfuric acid rain falls
A Day On Venus
An inner planet
Earth's twin
Hotter than Mercury
Prograde rotation
95% of the diameter on Earth
Temperatures 465 degrees celcius
Vens has the slowest period of rotation in the solar system
An inner planet
No human machine can survive
Interesting Facts
We got all our information from our science book
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