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Logical Fallacies

No description

Isabel Harris

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies Isabel Harris
Little 8 Southern Tide Vineyard Vines O.P.I Play 60 Maybelline AT&T Verizon Geico Oreo Audience: Anyone
Fallacy: Either/or
Message: Verizon gives very good coverage. AT&T does not. So you should get Verizon. However, this commercial does not consider coverage from any other carrier, suggesting you either have Verizon or AT&T but no other service. Audience: Anyone
Fallacy: Slippery Slope
Message: The debate between the better part of the Oreo could cause two people studying to get in a fight. The fight would then spread to the rest of the people in the library. A fire would start and the police would have to come. However, an Oreo will not actually cause a library to catch fire and a fight to break out. Audience: Anyone who needs insurence
Fallacy: False Analogy
Message: Geico will make you happy by saving you money. The Pillsbury Dough Boy would be happy on his way to a baking convention. You will be as happy as the Pillsbury Dough Boy if you get Geico, therefore, you should get Geico. However the Pillsbury Dough Boy, although very happy, has nothing to do with car insurance. Audience: All viewers
Fallacy: False analogy
Message: If you are not fast you will get bitten by a werewolf. AT&T is a fast network. So you should get AT&T to avoid getting bitten by a werewolf. False analogy because slow internet is not actually like running slow and has nothing to do with a werewolf. Audience: Children
Logical Fallacies: Slippery Slope
Message: If you exercise 60 minutes a day, you will become Cam Newton's mother's favorite NFL player.
Slippery slope because just because you exercise 60 minutes a day does not mean you will become Ms. Newton's favorite NFL player. Audience: Girls interested in make-up
Fallacy: Either/or
Message:The model is either beautiful naturally, or because she wears Maybelline. This shows either/or fallacy because it does not allow for other possibilities such as the model wearing another brand of make up. Audience: Readers of the magazine
Fallacy: False authority
Message: You should get this nail polish because Nicki Minaj likes it. This is an example of false authority. Nicki Minaj may be a good singer, but she probably knows little about nail polish. Audience: Anyone
Fallacy: Post hoc
Message: When wearing a Vineyard Vines shirt, you feel good. Therefore, Vineyard Vines shirts make you feel good. This is post hoc fallacy because it assumes that because one thing, wearing a Vineyard Vines shirt, occurred before another, feeling good, that the first automatically caused the second. Audience: Anyone
Fallacy: Snob appeal
Message: They are "marked by the emblem" so they are good shirts. This shows snob appeal because people may only want clothing "marked by the emblem." It assumes the "emblem" makes Southern Tide clothing better than other clothing.
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