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Cheerleading Prezi

Mass Media - 3rd hr.

Giselle Yrojo

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Cheerleading Prezi

Cheer is recognized as a sport and an activity
Cheer is capable for all ages
There are certain ways to stretch to work on one part of your body
Stretching will also help you improve your jumps over time
taking gymnastics will help you with your cheer abilities and make you flexible
Cheerleaders use pom-poms at sports events for five reasons:
attract the attention of the spectators
accentuate movements
add "sparkle" to a cheer, chant, or dance routine
spell out team's name or their school name

the top girl is the flyer
... and the bottom guy is the base
Being a flyer requires stability and flexibility
bases help hold up the flyer
bases need to be strong and sturdy
uca stands for Universal cheerleaders association
UCA Competitions
UCA offers over 50 dates and locations
for both CHEERLEADING and all star
competitions, so your team can
experience a high-quality competition
close to home!
this is the score sheet for all star competitions
UCA Camps
The universal cheerleading association offers camps where they can help you improve your cheerleading ability
Cheer History

Cheerleading started around the 18th century and was started with the rebellion of male students
Due to teacher abuse, students created out of school activities without the teachers control
One of the school activities was cheerleading
In 1903 the first cheerleading fraternity, Gamma Sigma, was founded
Heel Stretch
extension 360
one man
SHoulder Sit
Bow n arrow
CHeer routines
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