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The Mayans: By John.S

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on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of The Mayans: By John.S

The Mayans
The Mayans were a civilization that lived many many years ago. They believed in multiple gods that were useful in different ways. You will learn all about the gods, blood sacrifices, Pok a' Tok and so much more!
The Gods...
There were a handful of gods in the Mayan religon. Chaac is the god of rain. (you can see him below)
The Gods continued...
Blood Sacrifices
There were many crucial blood sacrifices in the Mayan times. This was their way of worshipping and saying thanks to their gods. Examples are pulling spiky wire through your tongue, pulling nails of poor slaves or captives (people who got captured during war) and even pulling hearts out of people who denied the kings orders! But there was a good offer, people who got sacrificed, went straight to heaven along with women who died in child birth and people who died during war.
The Mayans: a helpful guide to learning about their religon
The Mayans knew their beloved gods for different reasons (e.g. Itzaama is the god of agriculture and education) and they loved them. They thought the gods loved people sacrificing others and animals because if someone died of a sacrifice and there was a drought it would rain. The gods liked it because they saw that the Mayans were helping each other to survive. The Mayan people didn't sacrifice people from their tribe (unless they were a slave) but, they sacrificed people if they were a captive or if they disobeyed the kings orders.
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