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The Odyssey, Book 9

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Dispenser Warigahita

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Odyssey, Book 9

The Odyssey, Book IX

By Dylan H., Emma N., and Spenzer W.
Books 5-8
Book 9 Quiz
Answer Key
1. Flashbacks; similes; metaphors; hyperbole.

2. Polyphemus.

3. Odysseus lied, stating that his name was “Nobody”.

4. Odysseus went to the Cicones first after leaving Troy.

Book Summary and Analysis
New Vocab for this Book:
Book IX Activity
Odyssey Book IX Quiz
Quizzes will be passed out shortly. You will have x amount of minutes to complete them, depending on time. We will go over answers afterward.
Summaries of Books 1-8
Books 1-4
-Telemachus is inspired
-Confronts suitors
-Sets sail to sandy Pylos
-Rides to Sparta
-Released from Calypso, lands in Phaeacia
-Assisted by Nausicaa
-Promised assistance by Royalty
-Games and feasts take place, Odysseus embarks on tales
Mutinous (adj.): rebellious, insubordinate, revolutionary
Unscathed (adj.): unharmed, intact, safe
Ruddy (adj.): reddish, rosy, flushed, healthy-looking
Gouge (v.): to scratch or chisel something to extort or extract something
Mete(v.): to distribute or dole out

Book Summary:
(To be explained; use study guide)
Literary Devices Used:
-Similes and Metaphors
-We will go over answers to study guide after lecture
We will be asking questions to all of you by tossing a ball around. Only speak when given the ball!
1. Where was the first city Odysseus went to after leaving troy?
2. What did Odysseus do to save his men from the Lotus-Eaters?
3. Who is Polyphemus' father?
4. What did Odysseus do to prevent the other Cyclops from assisting the Cyclops Odysseus blinded?
5. What act of arrogance led to the wrath of the sea-god being sent to Odysseus?
Bonus Questions (If time is on our side):
What do you think of what Odysseus did to the Cyclops? Was it brave, cowardly, cunning, cheap?
Address the imagery presented in this line. How does it "speak" to you?
"I dragged it from the flames, my men clustering round
as some god breathed enormous courage through us all."
(Book 9, lines 425-426)
5. Odysseus revealed his true name to the Cyclops to take credit for blinding a giant.

6. Odysseus refrained from killing Polyphemus because only a giant could move the great stone slab.

7. Odysseus lost 6 men per ship.

8. Polyphemus promised to eat Odysseus last of his friends.

First Chunk of Book 9
-Odysseus begins his tale to Phaeacians.
-Returning from Troy, Odysseus and crew are blown to Cicones. They plunder the land until they are attacked by reinforcements. They lose six men per ship.
-Zeus sends storm that for nine days sends them to Land of the Lotus-Eaters.
-Lotus-Eaters offer men fruit. The effect causes them to lose will to leave, making them only want to stay and eat. Odysseus drags men and binds them to the ships by force to save them.
Second Chunk 'o' Book 9
-Odysseus and company sail to the Island of the Cyclops and eat wild goats on an Isle off the coast.
-Odysseus and a dozen best fighters enter a cave on the island to eat the cheeses and curds found within and wait it's lord.
-The great Cyclops finds them inside. Odysseus asks for the hospitality of a god-fearing man, but the Cyclops states that Zeus won't command him.
-The Cyclops asks where his ship is; Odysseus lies, saying it has been wrecked on the beach.
-The Cyclops eats two of Odysseus' men and proceeds to fall asleep.
-Odysseus wants to kill him, but only the Cyclops is strong enough to move the heavy stone slab used as a door. Example of hyperbole:
"a tremendous, massive slab-
no twenty-two wagons, rugged and four wheeled, could budge that boulder off the ground, I tell you,"
Odyssey, Book 9 , lines 272-274

Third Chunk of Book 9
-Two more men are eaten in the morning before the Cyclops lets his sheep out for pasture
-Odysseus hatches a plan to blind the Cyclops with a burning wooden stake from his club. The men draw lots to see who would join him.
-Odysseus gives him wine as a "gift", getting him very drunk. The Cyclops asks what his name is. Odysseus responds with “Nobody”. The Cyclops promises to eat “Nobody” last of his friends as a guest gift. The proceeds cyclops to pass out.
-Odysseus and 5 men drive the wood into his eye in his sleep, thoroughly blinding him. When the Cyclops calls for help from his brethren, he says “Nobody is killing me!” Because of this, other Cyclops ignore him. We learn the Cyclops' name is Polyphemus.
“I dragged it from the flames, my men clustering round
as some god breathed enormous courage through us all.”
-Book 9, lines 422-423

“as a blacksmith plunges a glowing axe or adze
in an ice-cold bath and the metal screeches steam
and its temper hardens-that's the iron's strength-
so the eye of the cyclops sizzled round that stake!”
-Book 9, lines 438-441
Notable Lines for Previous Chunk
Final Chunk of Book 9
-Odysseus and company hide within the flock of sheep.
-The Cyclops doesn't notice the men and let's the sheep out for pasture.
-The men run off with the sheep.
-The Cyclops begins throwing boulders at their ships.
-Odysseus eggs the Cyclops on by telling him his true name, his men try to hold him back.
-Polyphemus remembers that a prophet told him he would once be blinded by some Odysseus. He prays to his father, Poseidon, for vengeance.
1. Ismarus, city of the Cicones.

2. Odysseus dragged his men and bound them to his ship to save them.

4. Poseidon is Polyphemus' father.

5. Odysseus said his name was "Nobody."

6. Odysseus told Polyphemus his true name.
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