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Copy of The Bicycle

No description

Doug Thompson

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Bicycle

The Bicycle
Hannah Golandsky
Tante Rose
Tante Rose is the aunt of the protagonist, Hannah. Tante Rose is tall, thin, pale and she has thick, black hair. She is the older sister of Hannah’s mother.
Hannah is a young girl who dreams of becoming a famous concert pianist, following in the footsteps of her Tante Rose
Tante Rose has an almost irrational fear of bicycles.
This was caused by a traumatic accident on her bike, which led to a broken collar bone.
Unfortunately, her collarbone never fully healed, causing her to fear bicycles.
Hannah is obsessed with playing the piano, in order to accomplish her life-long goal of becoming a concert pianist.
In order to accomplish this lofty task, she practices everyday, from 4:30 to 7:00 afterschool, and then from 8:30 to 10:00 at night.
Tante Rose is a piano teacher, and Hannah is her star pupil.
This line could be a representation of Hannah's obsession with riding a bicycle. She eventually becomes so obsessed, that she starts to ignore her piano practices, thus "forgetting her duties".
This song relates to the story because the protagonistof the stroy, Hannah, and the man depicted in the lyrics both share a similar dream: riding their bikes.
She and Hannah are both Jewish, and Tante Rose knows how to speak both Yiddish, and Hebrew.
Because the Jewish faith is so important to her, Tante Rose has two very important rules, which Hannah must never break.
She is forbidden to break the Sabbath in any way
She is forbidden to ride on a bicycle
However, at one point, Hannah begins to long for the regular ordinary life of a teenager.
She begins to wonder if she is wasting away her childhood, and is instead pursuing an adults dream.
Literary Techniques
"She had a grand piano that was like a magical animal; it was big and intriguing.
Tante Rose's injury, and her not letting Hannah ride a bicycle, are together, one of the biggest examples of forshadowing within this story.
"My friends passed me on their way home from school, riding as fast as cars...."
These could hint at the possibility that a bicycle caused the accident, which caused her phobia, and that that is why she will not allow Hannah to ride a bike.
"Tante Rose's piano became my friend, a familiar presence."
Tante Rose finds out Hannah rode a bike.
Falling Action:
Hannah running home.
Upon receiving the tickets, Hannah decides not to go to New York
Hannah is a dynamic/round character, because she is complicated, and changes greatly throughout the story
For Tante Rose, the bike is a symbol of pain, fright, and unpleasant memories. Because the bicycle represents these things for her, she is extremely reluctant to let Hannah ride one, believing it will harm Hannah in the way it harmed her
The piano is very symbolic in this story. It is a symbol of passion, obsession, and a manifestation of Tante Rose's dreams.
For Hannah, however, the bike is a symbol of temptation, teenage normality, freedom, and forbidden fun.
At the end of the story, Hannah realises that she was almost living Tante Rose's dream, instead of her own. She realises she should not give up the things she truly loves for the things she is good at.
Initial Iincident:
Hannah moves in with Tante Rose
Furthermore, she begins to understand some of the choices Tante Rose made during the course of her life. By the end of the story, Hannah has grown up mentally, understands many more things, and does not blindly follow Tante Rose anymore.
Mostly takes place in Tante Rose's apartment in Winnipeg.
"I'm not strong like you, Tante Rose, I thought to myself. I can't give up everything because I have a gift."
Tante Rose is a static and round character.
Rising Action:
Hannah begins to want to ride a bike
Plot Diagram
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