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No description

Ahmed ELnahas

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of OOP

Make CalcArea function and copy it in more than one program then you discovered a bug on it ???!!!
Try to think
How to make a soccer game ?
some real things appear in soccer games like:
Benefits of OOP
Traditional Procedural-Oriented languages
Languages like C, Pascal, Fortran
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Why OOP ?
Can You Answer Now ?
It Depends on
Functions are not well-encapsulated as
a self-contained reusable unit.
Drawbacks in creating reusable software components.
Location in the field


Kicking Power
Place Kicking
Ball Control
Ball Wining
Free Kick
Corner Kick

You don't need to keep re-inventing the wheels
and re-write the same functions for different situations. The fastest and safest way of developing
a new application is to reuse existing codes
Fully tested and proven codes
Ease in software design
Ease in software maintenance
Reusable software
OO software
are easier to understand,
therefore easier to test,
debug, and maintain.
you make all your methods and variables on the same file and your project contains 300K line you you see about 200 variable and 300 function
you want to modify function that uses some variables
Try to Fix a bug
If you didn't try by yourself you won't able to imagine the disaster
But I can describe to you
OOP Basics
Classes & Instances
no return type
can only be invoked once
Default Arguments for Functions
Access Control Modifiers
Information Hiding and Encapsulation
Getters and Setters
many shapes
Base class
Derived class
Abstract Data Types (ADT).
Providing only essential information to the outside world (T.V Example)
Ahmed Ragab
cout << "Hello C++" <<endl;
You can use the cout object of class ostream to stream data to standard output like this:
Here, you don't need to understand how cout displays the text on the user's screen. You need to only know the public interface and the underlying implementation of cout is free to change.
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