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No description

Sky Kearley

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

Night Mobs
Day Mobs
Minecraft: Mobs
Minecraft has a lot of things incorporated in it and mobs is only one of them.
The chicken has 2 hearts ( ) or 4 health points, so they are pretty easy to get rid of.
0-2 Feathers
1 Raw Chicken
Eggs 5-10 when alive
Chickens are referred to as very annoying at times because of their very annoying clucking. For example: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Chicken
Leather 0-2
Raw Beef 1-3
Milk (in a bucket) When alive
The Cow has 5 hearts ( ) and 10 Health points.
Cows are good for their leather because you can make Armour and have food.
Mooshrooms are
Very rare and only spawn in
the mushroom Biome.
A Mooshroom has the same health as a Cow.
Leather 0-3
Raw Beef 1-3
Milk (if alive)
Red Mushroom (shear)
Mushroom Soup (Click on with a bowl)
1-3 Raw Porkchops
The pig has 5 hearts and 10 hit points like the cows.
Pigs are a good source of food when cooked in a furnace.
When Shear drops 1-3 wool
When dead drops 1 wool
You can dye sheep's wool different colors with dyes.
The sheep has 4 heart ( ) and 8 hit points.
The Ocelot can be tamed with raw or cooked fish.
The Ocelot Drops nothing, and is only there to be tamed.
When they are tamed they turn into house cats and annoyingly sit on chests, or other thing and then you can't get into them.

1-3 Ink sacks
The squids are completely useless except for the ink sacks.
Squids have 5 hearts like the cows.
Bats have 3 Heart ( )
and 6 health points
Bats drop nothing at all so they are only there for looks.
There is are a couple of different types of villagers.
Villagers trade with you when you click on them.
They drop nothing when killed, and when a zombie attack them sometimes they will turn into a zombie villager.
They have 10 hearts and 20 health points
Leather (0–2)
Saddle (if saddled)
Horse Armor (if equipped)
Chest (if equipped)
Bone (as Skeleton Horse)
Rotten Flesh (as Zombie Horse)
All Hostile Mobs
Rotten Flesh (1-3)
Rare drops (Equipped items may be enchanted)
Iron Ingot
Equipped items (may be enchanted)
Iron Sword
Iron Shovel
Random Armor
A Zombie has 10 hearts and 20 hit points.
There are 3 different types of zombies.
1) Normal Zombie
2) Zombie Villager
3) Baby Zombie
Spider Jockey
The skeleton has 10 hearts and 20 hit points.
Arrow (0-2) on death.
Bone (0-2) on death
Rare drops :
(Equipped items may be enchanted)
Random Armor
Skeletons are not very accurate when they shoot at you.
Gunpowder (0-2) on non-explosive death.
Music Disc (1) when shot by a skeleton.
The creeper has 10 hearts and 20 hit points.
A Creeper will run away from cats.
Spiders can clime on walls.
String (1-3) on death
Spider Eye (0-1) when killed
Spiders have 8 Hearts and 16 hit points.
During the day spiders are not hostile.
A spider Jockey is a skeleton that is on the back of a spider.
A spider jockey has 18 hearts and 36 hit points.
They both drop the same as a normal skeleton and spider.
Cave Spider
A cave spider has 6 hearts and 12 hit points.
When a cave spider hits you, you start to become poisoned.
The drops for a cave spider is the same for a spider.
Ghasts are very mean and shoot exploding fire rocks at you in the nether.
A Ghast has 6 hearts and 12 health points.
Gunpowder (0-2) on death.
Ghast Tear (0-1) on death.
Blaze Rod (0-1) when killed
Blaze's have 10 hearts and 20 health points.
Blaze's only spawn in nether fortresses in the nether.
The Wither Skeleton
A wither skeleton has 10 hearts and 20 health points.
Coal (0-1) on death
Bone (0-2) on death.
Rare drops:
Wither Skeleton Skull
Stone Sword
When a wither hits you it starts to poison you by withering you, kinda like a cave spider.
A Silverfish has 4 hearts and 8 hit points.
Sillverfish only spawn when you mine stone in a stronghold or when you mine something near a silverfish spawner.
Silverfish Drop nothing :(
Just make you mad when mining.
(0–6) Glass Bottle
(0–6) Glowstone Dust
(0–6) Gunpowder
(0–6) Redstone
(0–6) Spider Eye
(0–6) Stick
(0–6) Sugar
Rare drops:
Potion of Healing
Potion of Fire Resistance
Potion of Swiftness
Witch's hit you with potions when near them.
Witch's have 13 hearts and 26 hit points.
Magma Slime
Magma Cream (0-1) when dead
Big: Has 16 Hit points and 8 hearts
Small: Has 4 Hit points and 2 hearts
Tiny: 1 Hit point and a half of a heart
A magma slime only spawns in the nether.
Slime's have the same health as the magma slime's.
Slimeball (0-1) when dead
Ender Pearl (0-1) on death
Endermans have 20 hearts and 40 hit points.
The Enderman picks up blocks and places them back down.

If you look at them they chase after you and start attacking you..
I'm here to take you're blocks......
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