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Athena Prezi

No description

Emily Guillerault

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Athena Prezi

Athena's Role in "The Odyssey"
"Athena supported the Greeks in the war against the Trojans because she hated them bitterly because Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, had judged the love goddess Aphrodite to be more beautiful than either she or Hera."
Athena's Role
Helps Odysseus through many tough situations.

Daughter of Zeus

The planner of Odysseus's journey

Sends him as a punishment for the Greek soldiers that destroyed her temple.
Works Cited:
Athena was

born, fully grown, out of Zeus' head.
She is the daughter of Zeus and Metis, a daughter of the Ocean, who Zeus was having an affair with. To protect his daughter from his angry wife Hera, Zeus swallowed Athena whole

Athena is the patron goddess of Athens, Greece.
She defeated Poseidon for title and have since been enemies.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle.
Athena aided Odysseus and other various heroes, always taking the side of Greece. The goddess bonded with Odysseus due to their similar nature and intellectual abilities.
Athena is with Odysseus throughout the Trojan war and on his journey home.
The Goddess Athena is mentioned 162 times throughout all the conjoined books of the Odyssey.
Athena's History:
Goddess of:
Youngest child of Zeus.
Mom= Metis
Fully grown and armed out of the head of Zeus. Zeus complained of a headache and so Hephaistos came and took an axe to Zeus’s head and athena came out.
Athena is seen a lot in modern
day culture. She is seen as a
symbol for universities. One example is the University of Lincoln. Another is the State University of New York. Also seen on medals like for military that are given to the woman who serve. People consider Athena, in the Marvel Comics Universe, to be like Athena. Also, in the popular Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief series.

Description of Athena, her history,powers, and where she came from...
By: Emily Guillerault, Lauren Stout, Sarah Ann, and Emma Beman
Where Athena Appears
in "The Odyssey"
Athena's Role in "The Odyssey"
Description of Athena's History/ Powers/ Where She Comes From:
Connection to Modern Day
Athena helped Odysseus in "The Odyssey" when he was stranded on Calypso's Island. She tried to get her father, Zeus, to help rescue him from the Island. She then sends Hermes to Calypso to make him release Odysseus.

Athena disguises herself a lot in "The Odyssey" by changing into a mentor. She changes herself in the book to be little girls, young women, servants, and old men!

Odysseus and the other gods were participating in a game of shooting arrow through the 12 axes. Athens interferes with the game and helps Odysseus win.
Err mahh Gerd!
The Enddd!!!!
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