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Personalize your Learning

with a little help from your library

Ellen Brandt

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Personalize your Learning

Personalize Your Learning
You are Unique!
with a little help from your library
You have your own:
Learning Style
Take Control of Your Own Learning!
The Blanchard Library has
information resources
to fit your needs
and your style
Your level of expertise
depends on the topic
and we are open 24/7!(through our website)
Find a book! You choose the style and the reading level
Information you can trust!
You choose
the 'level'.
Learn about other countries!
Choose the Kids Edition
or the World Edition
or use both.
Primary sources, Newspapers,
Scholarly articles, Video, Audio,
and more.
When you start a class assignment you might:
already know so much about the topic that you could pass the final assessment right now
have a basic understanding and be ready for more details
know nothing about the topic and need some help catching up

search topic
many choices
some options
click a book for
more info
short summary
click for more details
(such as table of contents)
If a
If you are new to a topic,
pick a reading level that is
EASY for you.

think: "expertise" level.
Level 1 is 3 pages long = good overview.
Level 3 is 51 pages long = lots of details
this is the "level 2" article.
It is 9 pages long, if you print it
Click here for the
pictures and videos
associated with this topic
Browse the
Table of Contents
to find topics of interest to you
Click here for related articles
and for recommended websites
outside of Britannica
listen to the article read aloud
adjust the font size
translate to another language
Related topics,
Recommended websites,
Primary Sources and E-books
Click here for websites related to your topic
The selection differs
depending on
the article 'level'.
These sites have been
"Vetted" by experts.

Middle School

Kids Edition:
Focuses on
things that
kids care about.
Click here to
go to your country in the World (adult)
All editions include photos,
videos, recipes,
graphs and tables
This 2 minute overview shows off some of the really cool features of CultureGrams
Many different
to choose from
Can sort articles by 'content level'
Green circle = Beginner
Yellow Square = Intermediate
Red Triangle = Expert
An "intermediate" level article.
World History
in Context

More resources at the bottom of the library page
Power Search
And Many Others. (List subject to change!)
Additional Links
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