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Copy of History of Educational Technology


chapman lo

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of History of Educational Technology

Prof. Tobias
Dr. Evans Lui
Prof. Chow Yin Fung
Dr. William Lau
Mr. Wong Yuen Shan
May 2015
Set Up Advisory Board
Aug 2014
Financial Modeling Research Team with Advisors' Support
Preliminary Law Regulation Research
CUHK Student Fund
Amend the models and strategies based on advisors' advice
Back-testing for optimization
Large-Equity Fund starts operation with real funding
Decision-making Process
Training sessions for new members
Small-equity Fund Starts
Globalized and Quantitative Investment Fund
No licenses required
Advisors guide students through modeling in case if advisors are not free to monitor day to day.
Semi-automated fund
Stand out through quantitative modeling
Aug 2015
Sep 2014-Feb 2015
Contact Sponsor
Present strategies, decision-making process, trading limitations, fund structure, law regulation, administration, sponsor amount
set timetable
April 2015
Strategies & Models finalized
Oct 2015
Jan 2016
Go through all the decision-making process and operate the fund
Make students familiar with the procedures
Virtual Fund Testing
Jan 2014
Sep 2015
Strategy Planning
Semi-annual meeting
Strategy Implementation
Regular Meeting and Voting
Risk Management
Trading & Custodian
Advisors' Approval
Second Recruitment
Jul 2015
Build up Student-managed Investment Fund Alliance
Feb 2016
Feb 2016
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