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khushi verma

on 18 April 2014

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So as you can see, the few examples that I have given in this presentation will make a big difference to our lives. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE WORLD AND OUR SURROUNDINGS!!!!

Gas is the most needed ingredient for a human to have a healthy life. The only way to resperate properly is that the gasses (Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide) come into/out of our bodies. Plants do a fundamental process, which is known as 'Photosynthesis' in scientific terms, that gives us the oxygen we need. All of the plants need Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to be able to live, unlike us who need Oxygen (O), so they take it in from the air. Then, like us, the oxygen goes into the plant cells and gradually gives out Oxygen; which we need. Finally we take it in and give out Carbon Dioxide leading this process to become a cycle. The video pointed above will show you a song about photosynthesis.

Anyway, so without gas it would be impossible for anyone to actually survive.
Personally the second most thing that will have an effect on our lives, will be how plants are needed to make medicines. Doctors and Nurses use the medicines that are made from different types of plants. As you can see, this table shows the different medical flowers, shrubs, trees etc...

So in the end, if we don't have any medicines, then not many people will get treated, leading the population decrease.

Even though this may not be a scientific answer to the question, but plants play an important role when you look at the beauty of the Earth. For example, many of us plant flowers etc... in our gardens to make it look much better then it is. This is because the different colours, smells etc... are extemely gorrgeus to look at. Here you can see a picture of the world without plants. Does it even look appealing, would you want to live there?
You may not know this but most of your food (especially the fruits and vegetables). So how would you like that all of your food has suddenly dissappeared because of the way you are caring for the world? As well as that, if you are saying that as you are non-vegetarian, it wouldn't make a difference; well think again. The animal that you eat will be eating other animals which will eat plants. Imagine no food for them, that will destroy the food cycle.
Without any source of food, we will slowly decrease the nutritions we need to live leading the world to an end.
This presentation will give an idea to many people in the world, how the planet we know as 'Earth' will end up being if we don't take care of the plants around us.
Plants are all over the world and they need taking care of as they are the most essential things that we need to be able to survive.
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