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Five Themes of Geography

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brandin spice

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography

human environment interaction
Place describes the characteristics of a location that make it unique or different. A place can be defined by physical features such as landforms plants animals and weather patterns.
location is the position of a place on the Earths surface. Geographers describe location in two ways. Absolute location is the exact spot on Earth where a geographic feature such as a city or mountain. Relative location describes where that feature is in relation to the features around it.
Regions refers areas of the Earth surface that have several common characteristics such as land natural resources or population. For example the Rocky Mountain region is a large area in the United States that is known for ranching and mining
Movement explains how and why people ideas and goods move from place to place. For example people might leave a country that is involved in a war. Such movements can lead to great cultural change.
Human environment interaction describes how people affect their the environment or natural surroundings and how their environment affects them. People affect the environment by using or changing it to meet their needs. Environmental factors that people cannot control such as temperature and natural disasters influence how people live.
The Bahamas give america and alot of other contrarys alot of citrus foods and fish.
The Bahamas
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