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The Vetiver Institute Presentation

Working together to better the world

Go English Live

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of The Vetiver Institute Presentation

The Vetiver Institute
The miracle grass
How a E-learning class works
Understanding what the key points of a class will allow you to grasp the idea of a structured program.
Example class
First we give a general outline of the topics to be seen.
Who the class is directed to..
We organize and document class content
Organize support material
Assessment is done using: Self reflection,
Knowledge, Strategy
Scenario training- Where we take possible outcomes of what
How has the Market taken to used thee new solutions
Our clients
With these products we can reach the world with our knowledge, This will allow us to continuously better reach the world and adapt to the new practices that arise.
Technological characteristics
More than 100 plug ins available to be used when needed.

The use of content web pages to further personalize or courses. All of our data is stored on our own servers.
Technical know how ( in house) used in the development of the courses and the up-keep of the platforms.
Video software, quizzes, exámenes y certification.

Market potential
Simply, our main goals is that the delivery of information continues into the future of Vetiver to perpetuate the information for all the next generation to come.
Conceptual idea
We are in the preliminary stages.
This presentation is inviting everyone here to help co-create the Vetiver institute to allign the world the the TVNI directers.
We need to participate in our network.
We are creating a platform where everyone can participate to perpetuate the knowledge.
We respect and honor patents and copyright.
We plan to educate the world in best practices, We will connect students with the experts via professors, Engineers or organizations. The idea of marketing and promoting ideas to a global market with out barriers.
RESPECT TO PATENTS AND private informtion
Gratitude PAYMENTS to TVNI
Royalties to co-authors
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