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Working with Templates and Forms...&%#$!!!

The easiest way to understand that Templates and Forms are nothing but text processing documents!!!... especially in Word...

Veronica Gonzalez-Arce

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Working with Templates and Forms...&%#$!!!

Whaaat! First and foremost: The "Know How": 1. Working on a form is as easy as any other Word document. ALL you need is recognize the type of fields given by the "template". Think in terms of TEXT. 2. Sometimes you need LISTS. You can give them a list with items for anyone to choose. 3. Don't U hate when the date field UPDATES itself??? When trying to use a "date Field" we usually "Insert FIELD>DATE" 4. But... what about CHECK BOX? sometimes the document
has a check list. Whenever there are set options. Forms & Templates Oops!! Darn!! ...when what you really want is for the user to "select the date"... Huuuuhhh?!!!! NNOOOO!! in ord Where? What? a) NEVER
b) when I have the time
to deal with them
c) When my boss is looking
d) when I want to brag about my skills
WORK WITH... Forms Templates - Characteristic of a document
- it Is an extension of the file
- Only defines what it is
- used just as any other Word doc
- NEVER save changes into template - Text processing document
- Preset Editing Fields
- Customize your form
- Protection against editing
- IS always a template Even if it is NOT
saved as
TEMPLATE TEXT field Drop Down LIST AUTO Field Just a but what we are actually doing is... DATE PICK field Each box is a field CHECK BOX FIELD but that's another story!!! Please!! No more!!! aaaaaargghh!! These are NOT the only fields in forms... There are as many as you might need:
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