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Non-Traditional Modeling

Steeping Stone

Kayla Malone

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Non-Traditional Modeling

My future career goal is to be a Model and also do a little acting, but in the mean time I have been working on my plan b, which is being a chef, because I would like to cook my own healthy foods to keep my body in shape.
Being a chef can relate a little to models because models have to know what foods they should cook and eat to keep their body healthy.
I've been wanting to become a model ever since I was 6 years-old, so I chose Non-Traditional Modeling as my topic because it's a topic that strongly relates to what I want to do in the future.
In my research I also learned that people who have health conditions can also model and advertise; knowing this makes me feel good about what I want to do because it's not all about how you look or how tall you are, the main focus is on your natural beauty. And that's what modeling should be all about. Non-Traditional Models Non-Traditional Modeling “Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful” (Taylor Swift). This quote links in very strong to want non-traditional models are. They are unique and different in every way, be it weight, skin color, or how tall you are. All non-traditional models are beautiful in their own way. More modeling agencies are considering a broader variety of models, known as non-traditional models, be at size, weight, or skin color. “When I put my clothes on skinny girls, they hang like they’re on a hanger. I want the body to translate the garment” (Fong). These thicker models are better than skinnier ones because of the curves that they provide allowing the clothing to look better on them. Some like to see models with more curves than what the traditional models have, because that is more
like how most women are shaped. . “Many different cities look to this unnatural idea of what beautiful is” (Fong). Some modeling agencies want you to lose tons of weight and become very thin, which is unnatural for humans, becoming so thin to the point where they look anorexic and sickly. To be thicker and curvier than traditional models can be a good thing for some modeling agencies. Being a model in these days are now all about being unique, natural and different; that’s what makes you beautiful from the inside and out, and makes you confident about yourself. The public wants to see something that they’ve never really seen before; someone who is unique in their own way, not someone who is just the same as anyone else. People are interested in something that grabs their attention. “In order to get the public’s interest in buying their products, models create their interest in making that product that they are trying to advertise, look appealing” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). In order to get the audience attention and get them interested, the models have to look very appealing in order to get the people’s interest and make them want the product that they are showing. The models make the product look more appealing to the public eye and that allows them to get interested in the products that they are advertising “The advertisement and the models are your main capital in this industry” (Rogers). If you don’t have advertisement and get the right model to do the job, then people won’t get interested and they probably will not end up buying the products. The advertisements and models are what create public interest, without that there isn’t any. People like to see stuff that’s unusual and beyond the ordinary and having different varieties of people, some with health conditions, in the modeling world enlarges the variety -that also creates a better opportunity for more people who have health conditions to get a modeling career. There are kids that have special needs that also make it into the modeling world and become very successful in their modeling careers. “A six year-old who had down syndrome was seen in a children’s clothing ad for Target and several months after that, he landed a campaign with Nordstrom” (Risell). A child who had special needs advertised for Target and then eventually started modeling for a campaign that was even bigger and better. People with health conditions or special needs can advertise too. “The point is that all children deserve equal opportunities in the modeling world regardless of appearance or health conditions…” (Risell). Anyone can model; children and adults should have equal opportunity to model, no matter how they look. Health conditions and appearances shouldn’t affect whether or not you can model. Anyone could model if they really wanted to whether if they have health conditions or not. Today in the modeling world non-traditional modeling is becoming very dominate. Having different varieties of models in the modeling careers now is focusing on natural beauty and that is what gets the public interested. Non-Traditional Models are models that usually don’t fit the usual; they are unique and have their own sense of style. So whatever size, height, or skin color you have, it doesn’t matter because being different and focusing on your natural beauty is the definition of beautiful. Don’t sell yourself short; being a model is all about being confident in yourself and not caring about what others think you. If you have a sense for fashion and you keep your body healthy, then you too could also be a non-traditional model. One fad dominating Fashion Modeling is Non-Traditional Models which consist of different varieties of models, which includes focus on natural beauty which is causing interest in plentiful amounts of the public.
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