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Video Marketing Proposal

Created for Canongate Golf Clubs

Micah Kramer

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Video Marketing Proposal

The Vision
Why "go-pro" with video flyover? The BIG Idea! Aerial Flyover
Marketing Video Concept
For Canongate Golf Clubs Some golf courses
think this might be a good idea... Competitive advantage
Club / Course owned content
Increased Online Shareable Content
Increase Membership Value Proposition
Generate sponsorship Revenue
Minimal incremental memberships required to offset investment Choose from two
aerial video packages

3 Courses @ The Woodlands CC
Clearly, we BEG to differ!! Yet, others get closer,
nearly getting it right!! we like the voice over and the flyover shooting, though the resolution and the digital tour guide are disappointing... Oh, so close!! Now we're getting closer... Be advised, hiring a helicopter and crew will stretch the budget...(we shopped it out at $4K-5K per day just for crew...plus fuel, plus per diem, plus, plus, etc.)

Abstract Media found a way to lower your cost, capture stunning, high quality shots AND include a professional voiceover!!!

Beware of amateur voice/sound design! Competitive advantage - very few (if any courses we found) have professional HD quality video flyovers, let alone pro voiceover and QR codes linking players to videos via their SMARTPHONES! Course will own the content and invest in it once - as opposed to leasing monthly ad space or a billboard Increased sharable content for search and social media (i.e. sharable videos owned by Canongate Texas) Improved member value proposition - i.e. member in GA can experience The Woodlands Country Club courses prior to boarding flight to Houston Opportunity to generate per course (or per hole) sponsorship revenue Masterpiece Package
Pro RC Helicopter Flyover
HD Quality Video
Professional Voiceover
Digital After-Effects
QR coded link to each hole
:60 - :90 Sec Promo Video (one per course)
3 Course Package: $69,893 or $1,109 / hole RC Helicopter footage example...
- start at :55 sec Showcase Package
Pro RC Helicopter Flyover
HD Quality Video
Professional Voiceover
QR coded link to each hole
3 Course Package: $55,887 or $887 per hole So, how about this one? Let's Get Started!! CONTACT:
Abstract Media
Micah Kramer
281.900.7854 cell In case you were wondering, here is an example flyover video that doesn't include a voiceover... Here is why We do not recommend leaving out the voiceover... Off-set entire video investment with small number of incremental memberships!
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