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Copy of Beyond Footwear: BSG Final Report

No description

kim g

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Beyond Footwear: BSG Final Report

Initial Strategy Differentiation
High-Price BEYOND Kendall Keil and Jackie Wilson
SB450H BSG Analysis Year 10 Year 18 15 11 12 Europe-Africa: Built new plant
Met Investor Expections in ROE
Actual pricing met desired pricing
Most demand 13 14 16 17 Europe-Africa: Used 100% plant capacity
Only company without stock-out in Latin America due lack of demand and decreased adversiting
Took out 5-year and 10-year loans Europe-Africa: Plant sold
Starting paying dividend
First year to repurchase stocks
Starting paying back loans
Increased Internet models offered highest sales and market share North America: Plant sold
Asia-Pacific: Initiated plant expansion
Latin-America: Snuck into Private-Label Decreased stars to 7 to reduce costs
Overall financials increased and opreating margins increased Worst Year No dividend paid
North-America: Offered 1300 pairs in Private-Label and sold 0
ROE -6.8%
Europe-Africa: Lost $20.93 per pair
Latin-America: Lost $24.60 per pair and COGS $83.12 per pair
Increased Energy Efficiency by $8,400 On the Plus Side Won Gold Star Award
Signifiacntly decreased payments to materials suppliers
Repurchased 400 shares Lessons Learned Using more foresight rather than hindsight
Determing closest competitor's position
Re-strategizing when needed and taking corrective action
Pay equal attention to all markets
Boost demand before capacity expansion
Allocate resourses properly
Decrease operating costs
Spend on adversiting and celebrity appeal Year 11 Year 12 Year 16 Year 17 Year 18 Thank You
Questions? We’ll strive to maintain high quality products and services while setting the bar for industry standards and continuously growing operations to meet market demand and benefit shareholders. Beyond creates precedence for new technological advances within the footwear industry. The customer is at the forefront of our business decisions. Beyond is a top competitor in the four markets in which they operate factories and/or distribution centers. We strive to achieve the highest ethical standards for both internal and external functions. Mission Statement Strengths:
Model availability
S/Q rating
Private Label entry
Debt repayment Weaknesses:
Celebrity appeal
Retail outlet utilization and retailer support
High operating costs
Strategic plan execution
Change in strategic plan to low price, low quality to compete in alternate market segment
Further expansion into Latin America
Brand differentiation
Price wars
Blocked out of Private-Label
Exchange rates
S.W.O.T. Analysis
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