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Coby Trichel

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Hercules

Hercules is a Demi-God, whose father was Zeus. He was originally born a true god on Mount Olympus, but was poisoned by Hades, since Hercules was foreseen to ruin Hades plan to conquer Mt. Olympus, but when Hercules drank the poison, he didn't drink it all, leaving him with his god-like strength.
Hades is the ruler of the underworld, who is accompanied by his minions Pain and Panic, who provide most of the comic relief in the movie. Hates also has Meg, short for Megara, who sold her soul to Hates.
The Antagonist, Hades
Hercules and Phil, his mentor.
Megara being carried by Hercules
Plot Graph
Main Conflict
The main conflict is addressed in the beginning of the movie when Hades poisons Hercules, taking away his immortality. This establishes the Protagonist, Hercules, and the Antagonist, Hades. The MAIN conflict is external.
5 Literary Terms (Cont.)
Situational Irony
- When Hercules is fighting the river monster, he drops his sword in the water. Phil then yells at him "Sword! Sword! Pick up your sword!" He then reaches into the river and pulls out a sword fish, not a sword. "He then says "Sword, not Swordfish."
5 Literary Terms (Cont.)
Allusion- When Phil is showing Hercules around his house, Hercules is wearing a Lions Head that looks like
The Lion King
. Referring to when Mufassa asks Zazu "What should i do with (Scar)?" then Zazu replies "He would make a very good throw rug."
Other Conflicts
Hercules has an inner conflict with Meg, even though Meg in the beginning, doesn't like him back.
Hercules has an inner conflict when he is a teenager. He feels as if he is an outcast because of his strength.
Meg has an Exterior conflict with Hates after she wants her freedom from Hates.
5 Literary Terms
Dramatic Irony
- When Meg is secretly trying to kill Hercules but he thinks she likes him.
- Hercules is the stereotypical hero; strong, handsome, and a little full of himself.
Comic Relief
- When we first see Pain and Panic, its in literal hell. Very dark colors and creepy music. They provide comic relief by being idiots and fall down the stairs.
Hercules is born. The initial incident is when Hades tries to poison Hercules
Hercules realizes his dream to be a hero with the help of Phil. He becomes much stronger and a better hero.
Hades tries to take over Mount Olympus
Hercules Banishes the Titans and saves Mt. Olympus
Hercules declines to be a god and chooses to stay with Meg
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