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Copy of Taming of The Shrew introduction

No description

SAT Class

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Taming of The Shrew introduction

The Taming of the Shrew

The Play
Dating Rules!
Major Players
Major Players Cont.
Comic Methods
Pay Attention To...
Situational Comedy:
Role Exchanges; Disguises
Visual Comedy:
Facial expressions and antics
Action Comedy:
Verbal Humor Comedy:
Puns (play on words)
Physical Appearance:
Changing identity or
The effect of social roles on
individual happiness

Appearance versus reality

Marriage as an economic institution
The English countryside outside an
alehouse and at the Lord's home

Acts I-V
Padua, Italy 1593-1594
Takes place over one to two weeks
Baptista Minola - rich gentleman of Padua;
Father of Katherine and Bianca
Katherine Minola - the shrew
Bianca Minola - youngest daughter; acts innocent
and sweet

Gremio - foolish old man; suitor to Bianca
Hortensio- suitor to Bianca;disguises himself as
music teacher
Lucentio: gentleman from Pisa; Falls in love with
Bianca at first sight: disguises himself as a
Latin Teacher
Tranio- Lucentio's servant; disguises himself as Lucentio
Biondello - Lucentio's other servant
Vincentio- Lucentio;s father from Pisa

Petruchio-gentleman from Verona;agrees to woo
Katherine the shrew
Grumio- Petruchio's servent (often acts as
Comic relief)
What rules do you have to follow?
Uses impossible and/or exaggerated situations to achieve a comedic effect.
Meet the Parents?
Drama of light and amusing characteristics, typically with a happy ending
Commedia dell'arte:
Comedy of humors and farce
Comedy of Humors:
Characters represent specific
types or moods; (blood, phlegm, bile)
Yellow Bile:
Bad tempered/Easy to anger
Black Bile:
Irritable/Sleepless/low Spirits
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