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ABC Fahrenheit 451

Khawaja Saad, Claudia Burnett, Lily Gonzalves, Abigail Mitchell and Jacob Roobchand

Khawaja Saad

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of ABC Fahrenheit 451

Incinerate Quote Bane C Zeitgeist War In Fahrenheit 451, the city is at the brink of war. War is the reason the city blows up. LANDESTINE Firefighters In the book firefighters are the exact opposite of what they are today. They represent fear and destruction. Firefighters invade peoples houses looking to start fires to books and destroy any chance of getting education and enforcing censorship. Jets Jets were flying around during the time of war. They dropped bombs on the cities. Doctors The doctors in the book show the corruptness of the society. They deal whith overdosing and blood poisoning on a daily basis in such an extreme that it has become a "usual thing" for them to treat. In fahrenheit 451, firemen burn and incinerate all books that they find. This can be shown in the title of the book "fahrenheit 451" symbolizing the temperature at which paper burns, 451 degrees fahrenheit. The zeitgeist of Fahrenheit 451 revolves around only entertainment and pleasure. It is an unintellectual society where reading books is strictly banned. The culture is very cold and bitter because communication with others is not advised. Stereotype The firemen in Fahrenheit 451 are stereotyped into being intimidating men who find great pleasure in burning books. Although Guy Montag is a fireman, he goes against his stereotype and discovers that he has a huge interest in reading. Unlike all of the other firemen in his society, Montag knows the importance of reading and understands the value of being able to read books. Lackadaisical In Fahrenheit 451, Montag's wife, Mildred, is characterized as lackadaisical. She is emotionless, careless, and spiritless. All she cares about is her television "family" instead of her real family. Mildred is almost in a trance because she would rather pay attention to entertainment than reality. She is so apathetic, that she barely realizes that she is in a relationship with Montag. Narcotic Mildred overdosed on narcotics and would have died if Montag had not come home. Since the only thing Mildred did was watch the "parlor walls" all day, she lost herself and took the sleeping pills. The next morning when Montag asks her about trying to commit suicide, she does not seem to remember. Kerosene It means to be kept secret or done secretly. Throughout the novel, Montag hides and keeps novels inside of his home to be read, and because books are illegal, this obviously has to be done in secret. In Fahrenheit 451, the fire department uses kerosene to light the books they burn on fire. Montag has become so used to the smell of it that he tells Clarisse it's like a perfume, but later on once he realizes his life needs to change, the smell of kerosene nearly makes him sick. Quotes such as "Play the man master Ridley", are constantly used throughout the book to add to the effectiveness and importance upon books. Bradbury cleverly inserts quotes in the book with the intent of stirring the reader's mind. Genocide U Oblivion Premonition Books and the old society ("the dark ages") are in oblivion to the society in Fahrenheit 451. It is forgotten to the people of that time period, as they focus mainly on their televisions and do not read books because they are illegal & viewed as horrible mind-twisting things. While Montag was escaping the city via river, he looked up into the night sky and noticed a bright light. This "bright light" was the North Star, which is found in the constellation Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Dipper. RSA MINOR H Tantalizing ERMETIC The Mechanical Hound is the bane of Montag's existence. Similarly, television and radio are the bane of society. It means to be impervious to external influence. The city in which Fahrenheit 451 takes place appears to be a self governing city-state without any outside forces socially impacting them. Books are tantalizing to Montag once he starts to question his life, and he is eager to get his hands on one and find out what makes them so special. Once he gets one, he discovers why it's so great and suddenly the idea of the rebirth of his society becomes tantalizing as well. Minorities Reduced In Fahrenheit 451 the minorities in the story kept leading more and more censorship; every time one of them got offended by a book, that book would be banned, and eventually all books in general became illegal. X ENOPHOBIA Yield It is the fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign. While Mildred had some friends over to watch television, Montag reads the poem "Dover Beach" to them, and they all react with distaste to the work of literature. Exposed EE In Fahrenheit 451, Montag is immediately exposed to danger and death after he first becomes interested in reading. Even though it is a huge risk to read, Montag does it anyway because he is convinced that reading is important and not harmful. Montag does what he believes in because he knows it is all worth it in the end. v In Fahrenheit 451 the people who had illegal libraries had to give up their books and life whenever they were caught; however, Montag did not give up his new-found life. Fahrenheit 451 The city was bombed and so were all of its people. They were completely gone, henceforth there was a mass genocide. This book was written as a premonition of the future. It tells of how the world will one day rely solely on TV and social media and completely abandon books. Bradbury had a premonition about the world. The city was reduced to nothing but ashes after it was bombed. Then the city will rise from the ashes like the metaphorical phoenix constantly alluded to. Amino Acids The Mechanical Hound is programmed to track people down through encoded amino acids. Montag is paranoid that somebody sent the hound after him and programmed it to hate him. Khawaja Saad
Jacob Roopchand
Claudia Burnett
Abigail Mitchell
Lily Gonsalves EXATION Mildred was an immensly vexatious character. Throughout the novel, Montag begins to question his and Mildred's marriage and becomes incredibly annoyed with her because he fails to understand the importance of books.
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