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Socials Midterm

No description

Alison Kim

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Socials Midterm

Successful PLO: A1
In A1, I felt that I was able to apply critical thinking skills throughout this semester in many ways through questioning, comparing, summarizing, and defending a position.
Successful PLO: A3
In PLO A3, I felt that I was able to demonstrate
effective written and oral communication skills in
both formal and informal settings and as an individual
or as a group.
Successful PLO: C1
In PLO C1, I felt that I was able to fully explore the necessary content regarding the evolution of Canada's responsible government and relevant key events such as the 1837-1838 rebellions
Successful PLO: C4
I felt that I was able to successfully explore this PLO not only in school but also through extracurricular means. All of these events helped me understand the structure and function of Canada's government levels.
PLO for Improvement: B1
I felt that during this term, I didn't fully explore PLO B1. One of the key reasons may have been that this PLO wasn't fully relevant to my character. Although I learned a lot about gender roles through my friends that were playing female roles in the confederation, in the future, I would like to know more about how the confederation affected ethnicity,daily life, technology, and the arts.
PLO for Improvement: B2
In this term, I felt that I was a bit lacking with PLO B2, mostly again due to the fact that my character wasn't highly relevant to these issues. I received an overview of some of the achievement indicators from my Aboriginal character friends, but I believe this is of importance to our present Canada, so I'd like to know a lot more! More specifically, I'd like to know more about specific aboriginal contributions to Canada, the role of Aboriginal women in the fur trade, and the rationale behind some of the treaties that were made.
PLO for Improvement: B3
I feel that PLO B3 could use some improvement in the next term. Although we held some class discussions about the influence of immigration around Canada, I feel that my knowledge about specific ethnic groups and their paths to Canada are still quite lacking. I also feel that I'm not fully aware of Canada's immigration policy or significant events such as the Great Migration and the Chinese Head tax that drew people to Canada. I look forward to exploring these topics further.
Socials Midterm
Alison Kim
Successful PLO's this term : A1, A3, C1, C4
PLO's to improve in the future: B1, B2, B3
During the role-play debates, I often brought up questions based on the speeches and decisions of other groups and this lead to some discussions that positively impacted the French's people (Lower Canada's) argument.
Role-Play Debates
Discussions with peers
Asked questions in class discussions
Throughout the role-play as George Etienne Cartier, I often had to make many connections with the present and the past in order to observe how today's outcomes came to be due to the confederation.
Class Debates
Personal Research
Class Discussions/Notes
Eminent Reflection
Role-play debates
In the class debates, because we weren't allowed to speak twice in a row, my teammates and I all had to effectively summarize our group's ideals to speak as a cohesive group.
Defending a Position
I felt that in the Confederation debates, I was able to defend the position of the French people well. This was achieved more specifically, by brainstorming and amending two significant resolutions while holding meaningful cross-examinations both in class and out of class with the opposition.
At the end of Eminent, I also had to demonstrate proficiency in summarizing when I had to reflect on my learning for the entire project in my final reflection.
Final address
Eminent Speech
In-class discussions
Periodical Blog Posts
Both my final address and my Eminent speech showcased my ability to give a formal speech in front of an audience and communicate my ideas and opinions in a clear and concise manner.
Final Address
Eminent Speech Draft
This term, my blog posts showed that I have the capability to communicate my ideas through words and that I can also plan, write, and revise my ideas.
I also communicated over twitter with my peers and although at first it was hard, twitter helped me be much more concise with my word choice.
1837-1838 Rebellions
Blog Post #1
Class discussions/notes
Responsible Government
Blog Post #2
Class discussions
Personal Research
Blog post #1 mentioning the Rebellions
This term, I felt that I understood the 1838 Rebellions through class discussions, conversations with Mr. Papineau (in person and on twitter) and through my own research in order to compose my first blog post. These examples illustrated that I am aware of the causes and effects of the rebellions.
Blog post #2 mentioning Cartier's admiration for a responsible government.
A link I found helpful for defining Responsible Government
Class notes
Model United Nations
Extra-curricular Debate
I felt that I was able to explore the term responsible government and how it came to apply in Canada mostly through my personal research in writing my blog post. Although I don't explicitly state responsible government often in my post, I still feel that to write this post, it required knowledge on this topic.
Over the course of this term, I encountered knowledge about our federal government on many occasions such as the House of Commons Committee in VMUN and debate topics like: a minimum number of seats in the parliament should be allotted to ethnic minorities. To debate and discuss these issues, I felt that I had to be well-educated about our federal government.
Provincial and Municipal
Coquitlam Youth Council
Class discussions
I felt that during this term, I was able to understand Provincial and Municipal governments through my active participation in the City of Coquitlam's Youth Council, where we are often associated with city staff such as the mayor. I also furthered my knowledge through debates when I encountered topics such as: the Enbridge pipeline should be allowed in BC. I had to be prepared to speak knowledgeably about provincial and local government matters.
How I plan to improve!
How I'll know
when I've improved!
Ask questions in class to bridge to these topics.
Hold smaller discussions with people that had relevant characters to this topic.
Look at some of the CRAAP tested sources to see if there are any relevant to these topics.

When I can speak about Canadian contribution to the arts and specific artists that made a significant impact.
When I can explain and demonstrate a technological innovation from the 1860's
When I can picture and explain to another the daily lives of men and women in this time.

How I plan to improve!
How I'll know
when I've improved!
Hold a discussion with Jessica or Joanna who are both "experts" about aboriginal women and their connection to the fur trade.
Ask questions to Mr. Jackson or the class to explore some of the contributions the Aboriginals made to Canada.
Look at some good CRAAP tested sources about aboriginal treaties.

When I can explain to another the general role of Aboriginal women in the fur trade.
When I can compare and contrast the contributions the Aboriginals made in the past to their contributions made in the present
When I can explain to another an aboriginal treaty,how it came to be and how it affects our present time.
How I plan to improve!
How I'll know
when I've Improved!
Watch a video or short documentary about significant events that lead to immigration to Canada such as the Irish potato famine.
Observe an article or a timeline about a certain ethnic group's path to Canada.
Read a CRAAP tested source about Canada's immigration policy.
Request a class discussion/lesson on Canada's immigration policy.
When I can speak to another about a significant event that lead to immigration in Canada and how it affects our present.
When I can lead someone through at least one ethnic group's path to Canada.
When I can describe Canada immigration policy to another.
PM Confederation
Night of the Notables Reflection
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