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Shakespeare and Britain History 1550-1650

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Maailah Blackwood

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Shakespeare and Britain History 1550-1650

Shakespeare and Britain History
1550-1650 Britain before Shakespeare’s birth What was the political atmosphere? How did the British people live between 1550 and 1650? Thirty years before Shakespeare was born, King Henry VIII had nationalized the processions of Roman Catholic Church and created the Protestant Church of England.
In 1558,six years before Shakespeare’s birth, Elizabeth I attained the British throne Rulers of Britain during the Elizabethan Era Queen Elizabeth 1st , 1558-1603 In the time of 1550 to 1650, the people of Britain were not as advanced as today’s society.
Life span was on average, only thirty years
For months, people would go without baths and washing their bodies
. “Living in towns and villages where garbage and sewage were routinely dumped out doors and windows and into streets,” (page 137, Newman)
Most men were blacksmiths, silversmiths, barbers, and leather workers.
Women worked from home cleaning and doing chores Britain during Shakespeare’s time Violent clashes throughout Europe between Protestant and Catholic leaders and their followers.
Catholic Spain wanted control of England During her forty-five year reign she transformed England greatly.
London at the time was a cultural and commercial centre, where learning and literature flourished.
William Shakespeare’s writings often related to the Elizabethan Era.
This time is also called the Golden Age, because of its numerous successes. King James I, 1603-1625 James was a writer and also shared a great love of learning and the theater; during his reign many new works were also published.
King James requested that Shakespeare’s theater be changed from Lord Chamberlain’s Men to The Kings Men.
He wanted to make sure that those who did not have the ability to read Latin could also understand the bible so James translated the bible. This version of the bible (King James Version) is one of the most influential books in the world. Control Conflict 1.The confusion of religion. The political atmosphere was one of confusion, conflict, and control. Two main religions: Protestants and Catholic
The ruler of England (King or Queen) dictated the preferred religion
The constant change caused great political conflict because as the ruler changed the religion, the laws of society had to change to reflect the beliefs of the ruler.
Many riots occurred during this religious clash. •Queen Elizabeth, as the ruler of the time, held supreme power according to law.
•The ruler of England could never do wrong; this made it hard to take action against rules set by the Queen
The economy of England prospered creating wealth for the people.
•Queen Elizabeth had the power to impose torturous punishments and strict laws Elizabeth created conflict with Parliament, as she did not always agree with their suggestions.
Her ruling also created tension and political conflict with other countries What were the people concerned about? Riots 1)Short life span Spanish Armada Lack of medical knowledge
Bubonic plague suddenly appeared and spread rapidly
To avoid spreading the plague people avoided physical contact During the 1590-1610 many riots occur over land and in closed properties
Kett’s rebellion which had 16,000 participation 1588 armadas task was to over throw the protestant England
There was many problems that occurred before they actually did the attack
The Spanish lost and it cost them a lot of money By: Maailah B.
Chiderah O.
Audrey C.
Audrey M.
Bayle B.
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