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Extended Project: A Dystopian Short Story

No description

Charlotte Devries

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Extended Project: A Dystopian Short Story

Extended Project: A Dystopian Short Story
This project was a personal interest discovered whilst creating English coursework.
The research I conducted was exclusively secondary. It was mostly concerning elements of characterisation and the enviroment/ society of the story.
I began with creating different documents to assist me with planning and managing the project. These include a project plan, a managing log, document for concepts and ideas, and a diary.
My outcome of the project was a short story based on the idea of a dystopian world in which fear enables the government to have totalitarian control over society.
I am pleased with my final outcome. I believe that I completed the aims that I set myself concerning the short story. I enjoyed the creativity and freedom that I had in this project.
My Artefact
The short story is set in a dystopian society where the government uses a past outbreak of a widespread infection as a reason to have totalitarian control.
Thank you for listening
I will endeavour to answer any questions you may have
I decided to use this as a creative way to investigate the difficulties and processes of writing a piece of literature.
This presentation will cover those creative processes and the difficulties that arise when writing a short story for the purpose of exploration and entertaining an audience.
Following completing the bulk of my research, I referenced each relevant source in a bibliography
Towards the end of the project I reviewed the sources I had used for relevance to my outcome and usefulness to the story.
My report on the project was simply a case of reviewing the process of creating the short story. I planned it in sections before starting in order to make it easier to complete.
The majority of the story was created through my own thoughts and ideas, whilst being aided by further research. However books and video games were direct inspiration and contributed to my story significantly.
My aims within the short story itself were to show developed characters and how they dealt with the horrific nature of their society. I wanted to show a contrast between the childlike main characters and the cruel events of the plot.
I experienced difficulties concerning the creation of a short story. Some problems I anticipated, however some were unexpected.
The advice I would give to future students is to make sure you plan effectively. Also to learn how to reference and do it as you collect sources, not at the end of the project.
I developed and gained skills concerned with planning, researching, referencing, management and evaluation of my project.
The only information I wish I had been given was concerning primary research.
My initial thoughts were based off of novels I had read for English coursework or that I had read in my own time.
I used books for my initial research but branched out into using many websites and even some other more unusual media such as film, video games and poetry.
I kept record of what I was using the research for in my secondary research page, as well as a copy of the valuable section of the source.
Primary research was something I considered but was not ultimately relevant to my project for certain reasons. I also encountered some issues with collecting relevant secondary research.
It is told through the perspective of fear. Fear is personified as an omniscient being who is aware of their effect on the world and knows that they are used to control people.
Civilians are controlled from birth until death. Children are kept with their families until they are old enough to fulfill the needs of their government. Eli and Fauna are two of many girls that have been taken away from their parents to be reared in childrens homes.
The plot of the short story follows the girls over the course of a few days. In this time frame, there is a clear difference shown between their understanding of the world they live in and the way everything truly is.
Many events in the story disturb the innocence of one of the two girls in particular, Eli. Her naivety is corrupted by her society and the moments she witnesses.
The girls heard which direction the gunshot had come from, but they didn’t know why something had been shot at or what it was. I watched it happen as the girls were swimming, far away from the pool. So far that they’d never seen the place before. There was a border set with metal fences and barbed wire, not rusted like the fence the girls had passed through mere minutes ago, but polished and well-kept. It had a heavy gate carved into the middle, with a stout concrete building painted black just in front of it. Soldiers constantly watching the fence and the gate. The civilians 'knew' the soldier’s jobs well, they ensured anyone outside the section stayed out. They kept people safe. However, they had a secondary, nefarious purpose: They were there to keep civilians from leaving. Only traitors and cowards leave their people behind. If anyone tried, they were punished.

One desperate young man had attempted that day. That young man lay dead, slumped over the top of the fence. He was caught in the wire with his uniform and skin ripped raw by the barbs. He bore a single, gaping wound that had been shot clean through his head. They wouldn’t take him down for another week, his decomposing corpse serving as a warning to others. He had tried. And he was punished for it.

I have so far been unable to create a suitable name for my artefact
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