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Elizabethan Era Astrology

No description

Bryan Yang

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Elizabethan Era Astrology

By: Bryan Yang Elizabethan Era Astrology Astrology Geocentrism Medical Astrology Influence on
Shakespeare's Writing Many astrologers in the Elizabethan era believed that the stars and the planets could tell the future. Astrology was linked more closely to the supernatural rather than science. Interest in astrology spiked during the Elizabethan Era. Many famous astrologers such as Dr. John Dee emerged out of this time period. Geocentrism was the most widely supported
theory about the alignment of the planets and
the sun during the Elizabethan Era. Developed
by Aristotle, almost all of England believed that the Earth was in the middle of the universe
while the sun and all of the other planets
revolved around it. This theory was also
supported by the church. Under all these ideas of astrology, Shakespeare was greatly influenced in the literature and writings he had created, and often referenced the astrology as allusions in his stories. Through the allusions which Shakespeare had included, the characters and stories were affected by astrology, and the events which occurred in their lives, occurred from the arrangement of stars and planets. Controlled by the astrology of the planets and the stars, characters would often try to maintain the social status in balance, similar to the chain of being in the Elizabethan Era. Shakespeare’s stories often followed the idea of a cosmic order from the stars, planets, sun and earth balance, and also showed how the characters and actual people of Elizabethan England, feared the chaos from social imbalance, and nonnormality of space.

Natal Astrology Natal astrology is based on the concept that each
person's personality and path in life could be
determined by a natal chart. Using a person's exact time, date and location of birth, a natal chart could be constructed to give insight on the person's personality and potential. The person being studied was called the "native" therefore the chart was known as a natal chart. The chart shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets and other celestial objects. Electional Astrology Electional astrology is another branch of astrology
that decides the most appropriate time for an event to take place based on the astrological geography. The moon plays the biggest part in this process. Using electional astrology, Dr. John Dee chose January 15, 1559 as the day of Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Often times, astrology and supernatural acts
were relied upon to treat disease. Treatments
and the gathering of drugs were based on the
positions of celestial objects in space. The positions
of planets were also believed to cause threats or
benefits to health.
Ex: Saturn influenced longevity
Mars caused tertian fever
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