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Psychology GCSE Lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Schemas

Perception, Bartlett and Carmichael
Main Idea - We have a framework of knowledge about objects, people and places that affects our perception
Example: we are waiting to meet Mr. Johnston in a crowded railway station. We see his shiny bald head approaching and sigh. We are sure it is him. But it is not him - it is another bald old man. Our expectation has affected our perception.
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
All will learn about schemes, Bartlett and Carmichael (C)
Most will learn how schemes affect perception (B)
Some will learn to evaluate Bartlett and Carmichael (A-A*)
Visual Context
Lets read: Pages 30-31
Malyun, Lequesha, Anya, Yasmine
Now lets make definitions
N0w the questions:
1. What is a schema? (1 mark)
2. How well would one of Brewer and Treyens' participants remember seeing a calculator and an apple? (2 marks)
3. What schema would have helped Palmer's participants to identify a saucepan? Why? (2 marks)
4. Evaluate the main strenghts and weaknesses of Palmer's study (5 marks)
Bartlett 1932
Lets read again page 32-33:
Malyun, Lequesha, Anya, Yasmine
Make definitions
Exam Questions
1. Name two ways the story changed (2)
2. Describe one of the changes you named (1)
3. What does 'repeated reproduction' task mean? (2)
4. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Bartlett's
study. (5 marks)
Carmichael (1932) Do words affect recall?
Lets Read: 34-35 Malyun, Lequesha, Anya, Yasmine

Make a definition

Evaluate Carmichael's study (5 marks)
Massive homework task!
Between pages 36 and 47 is a huge section
on experiments. You have got to know your
stuff on this.
1. Read the pages 36-47 and make notes
2. Fill in all the definitions on these pages
on your sheet.
3. Answer all questions between pages 36-47
and self mark them with your green pen.

Schemas and eyewitness testimony

Lets read: 48-49 Malyun, Lequesha, Anya,

fill in the definition

Explain how schemes can distort witness

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