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Bariatric Surgeries Overview

Overview of three common Bariatric Procedures: Gastric Banding, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass

Michael Morken

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of Bariatric Surgeries Overview

Obesity Is Becomming a Big
Problem... There are approximatly 305 Million Americans 8,845,000 (2.9%) of them are cosidered Morbidly Obese (BMI 40 and up) These 2.9% of Americans are beyond the help of traditional weight loss methods such as excersise and dieting The Solution... Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) Gastric Sleeve Gastric Banding Gastric Bypass Is It Really Just as Simple Picking One? (No) Insurance... Remember all of those People who could benefit from Bariatric Surgery? $ They Could All Be Potential Customers... But Who Benifits From Their Business? Hospitals Surgeons Anesthesiologists Medical Device Companies Medical Device Companies Specializing in Bariatric Surgery Is a surgical procedure where an adjustable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. Is a surgical procedure that involve cutting off 2/3 of the stomach and stapling the off the cut reducing the stomach to a vertical sleeve. Is a surgical procedure where the small intestine is re-routed so that the stomach and lower small intestine are bypassed. Purely restrictive operation Reduces appetite by means of a constricted pouch at the top of the stomach, when the pouch is filled the patient feels full and stops eating. Approximate Cost: $14,000 * fills are $300 each Patients often choose a band over other surgeries for a few reasons: Not Permenant All natural tissue is left unharmed in the body It is seen as the least invasive of the three procedures General consensus among patients seems to be that weather you lose weight with the band is up to you, It just reduces your hunger to a manageable level. some claim that with the band you lose weight the "right way" and develop a more healthy lifestyle compared to the other two options Approximate Cost: $17,000 Reduces hunger by removing part of the stomach that produces Ghrelin. Ghrelin is a protein that when produced gives the sensation of being Hungery Requires no additional appointments for adjustments if everything goes well (most cases) Preserves the normal digestive flow from organ to organ just shrinks the stomach Some patients choose sleeve over other surgeries because it is seen as the middle ground between effectiveness, hassle, and risk Approximate Cost: 25,000 Both a restrictive and malabsorptive Operation Malabsorbative procedures reduce the bodys ability to absorb nutrients in the small intestine Hunger is severly reduced since the stomach is bypassed altogether Because of the reduced absorbtion of nutrients patients have to take vitamins and dietary supplements for the rest of there lives This operation is often choosen by patients who have an exceptional amount of weight to lose and will take the chance of a riskier surgery This procedure has the highest chance of sideaffects such as gallstones, ulcers, and vomiting & dizyness if food is consumed quickly Purely restrictive operation Insurance coverage on Barietric surgeries varies based on provider, and employer Even if your provider covers a certian procedure employers can choose not to have that in a companies coverage Sometimes patients can appeal to an insurance company and occasionally exceptions are made All insurance companies will put qualifiers on there coverage of Barietric surgeries An example of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Qualifications: Insured procedures: BMI of 40 or greater Active Participation and documentation of non surgical methods of weight loss Over 18 years of age Consultation and recommendation by a weight loss surgeon Psychological evaluation Nutritional evaluation Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Open Gastric Bypass Gastric Banding: Lap band & Realize band Duodenal switch Overall the perception of the sleeve procedure is extremely positive but is doesn't yet have long term results (7-10 years) to get a full picture Allergan Ethicon Product: LapBand Supports Gastric Banding Less invasive Less Traumatic Faster Recovery LapBand can be taylored to a patients individual weight loss goal Product: Realize Band & a wide range of Laparoscopic instruments Supports patients choice of Surgery Started "Realize Solution" which educates patients about Gastric Banding Started "Heart on My Sleeve" campaign to spread the word about Gastric Sleeve Want patients to choose a surgery that matches their individualized Weight loss goal The End! People who aren't covered by insurance have to Self Pay for their Weight Loss Surgery Often experienced Surgeons offer weight loss surgeries in Mexico for almost half of the price charged in the U.S. For People who choose this option they have a hard time getting doctors in the U.S to do follow up appointments Pretty much the best medical device company
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