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Egyptian Revolution

No description

Maliyah Henderson

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Egyptian Revolution

Where did it start?
Who were the leaders?
President Gamal Abdel Nasser,Anwav Sadat and Nubarak
What year did it start?End?
The Egyptian Revolution started January 25,2011 and ended in 2011.
By: Maliyah , Christian , Hannah and Kierstan
Egyptian Revolution
Who were the leaders of the opposition?
What were the main reasons for the revolution?
Was it peaceful or violent ?
What were the events of the revolution?
what were the outcomes? Did the leadership change ? Did they reach their goals?
Who was in power after the revolution ended?
How was the post-revolution country different than before ?
Were the people who revolted in a better situation after it ended then they were before ?
Do you think that their cause was just ? Did they have good reasons to revolt and was it worth it in the end ?
Great Britain: former colonial ruler
King Farouk: (economic inequalities in Egypt)
Thirty years of dictatatorship and autocratic rule
The Emergency Law
The faulty Constitution
Economic Distress 40% egyptians living under the poverty line
The successful popular revolution in Tunisia
Forging of the latest parliamentary elections
After 18 days of protests and revolting , President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown by the military and Ahmed shafik becomes president . Also after he was overthrown the constitution is suspended and the parliament is disbanded .
Mohammaed Bouazizi in 2013
It was more peaceful and they made the constitution equal for everyone . the country has been in a state of emergency for nearly three decades under Mubarak . The first rule by the military in 2011 was to begin the transition to democracy .
No , the people who revolted after it ended weren't in a better situation then they were , because it made it worse after they kicked Mubarak they had to do the process again .
The revolution was violent ,because several police buildings were set on fire and burned down and the protest usually ended bad.
The revolt started in Tunisia , Egypt .
The Egyptian Revolution had sequences of events .The first couple of days there were a lot of protests and protestors . Many egyptian women and men were beaten and killed .
I think that their cause and reasons were good , because they wanted a change . In order to get what they wanted , they had to protest to the government . The result of their protests , the leader stepped down ahd removed himself from the position that he was in.
If Donald Trump gets president , then there will most likely be a protest against him to remove him from office . The protest will probably be violent. I think people of all races will protest who don't want Donald Trump to be the president of the U. s.
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