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All American Slurp

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Transcript of All American Slurp

By: Lensey Namioka Exposition Falling Action Climax Rising Action The resolution is the answer to the conflict in the story. The characters, plot line, setting, and other details are exposed during this time. The falling action happens when the excitement is over with, and story is calming down. The climax is the most exciting part of the story, when everything is exposed fully and all the action happens. The rising action is the point in the story where the suspense or excitement builds. Resolution All American Slurp In the story, the main character's family moves to America. The family, known as the Lin family, gets invited over to eat dinner with their neighbors, the Gleasons. As the Lin family sits down to eat dinner, they're introduced to a world of new American table manners. An example of these new American manners is the vegetables. When presented with a tray of raw celery, the Lin family is quite confused. In China, everyone boils their vegetables to disinfect them. When they were offered sour cream dip, the family declined, as Chinese people weren't very fond of dairy products in that time. In the exposition of this story, the characters are exposed. (The main character, Mom, Dad, Brother, Meg Gleason, and Mrs. Gleason.) The setting is also exposed. (At the Gleason's dinner table in America) Main Character: The Girl - Protagonist. She is protagonist, because she is the most important character in the story, and she is very kind to everyone. She is not afraid to show who she is. The flat characters are Mom, Dad, Mrs. Gleason, Brother, and The Waiter. These characters do not do anything or change anything in the story. Meg is the dynamic character. This character is not a very important part of the story, but they still change someone or something in the story. Meg makes The Girl feel better by saying that all Americans slurp. There are no antagonist characters in this story. In "All American Slurp," the rising action takes place when the Lin family takes a trip to the Lakeside Restaurant. There was one problem. The menu was almost all written in French. The family was unable to read from the foreign menu, so they took a risk and ordered the food at random. When their dinner arrived, they realized they had made a decent decision- soup. | > | | Rising action _ | | _ In this story, the climax happens at the Lakeview Restaurant when The Girl's family orders soup off of the menu. In her family, they believe that it is normal to slurp loudly when you eat your soup. In China, it is also a sign of respect. When the Lin's start slurping, other customers at the Lakeview are disturbed and annoyed by the family's noise. This causes the music to stop, the people to turn heads, and the waiter to pour the wine right out of the cup! The Girl gets extremely embarrassed by her family and what they've caused in the restaurant. She excuses herself from the dinner and goes to the bathroom until she can calm down from the extreme embarrassment. The falling action in "All American Slurp" is after the dinner at Lakeview dinner, when The Girl is walking with Meg. When they're walking, Meg decides to stop and buy a milkshake. Meg and The Girl continue to walk down the street, when Meg starts to slurp. In the story, the resolution happens when Meg starts to slurp on her milkshake. The Girl notices, and asks Meg a question. She says:

"Meg, do Americans slurp?"

Meg answers:

"Sure, all Americans slurp." Setting The setting of a story is a time or a place where the characters are. The setting of this story in the beginning is at the Gleason's dinner table. Shortly after, the setting changes to the Lakeview Restaurant. Near the very end of the story, the setting changes to the street. Point of View Point of view is the way the author is telling the story. For example, there are different types of P.O.V. Here are a few examples: First person P.O.V- This is when the character or narrator is using the key words I, me, my, or mine. Second person P.O.V- This point of view isn't used very often, but it includes the key words you, your, and yours. It can be thought of as the author directly speaking to you. Third person P.O.V- This is when the author or narrator is using names to identify people in the story. For example:
Morgan went to the store on Sunday. "All American Slurp" is written in first person P.O.V. Theme, Mood, and Tone Theme is the author's message, or what the author is trying to get across to you. The theme of this story is that all cultures have different ways of doing things, but in the end, we're all very similar to one another. Mood is the way the story makes you feel when you're reading it. The mood of this story is understanding. At first this may not make sense, but while you're reading, you feel like you're in the narrator's shoes. You feel like you can understand how much she wants to fit in. Tone is the way you imagine the story to sound in your head. The tone of this story is hopeful, because all the narrator wants is to fit in around her new friends around America. Takes place in modern times, around maybe the year 2000. Conflict The conflict is the problem in the story. There are 3 main types of conflicts in stories. Here are the types: - Man vs. man. This conflict is between two people. -Man vs. society. This conflict is between a person and the society that they live in. Example being if you wore red and everyone else was wearing black. -Man vs. Self. This conflict is between a person and their inner thoughts or inner self. "All American Slurp" is a Man vs. society conflict.
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