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Emotional Development In Infancy

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Emotional Development In Infancy

Emotional Development
2 aspects

The development of emotions and emotional complexity - this ends around 25/26

The development of the understanding of the emotions of others and empathy - this one is a skill and in some people never fully develops!
Emotional Complexity
Infants have very few emotions...

Which ones do you think they have? - pictures are not clues!!!

Emotional Complexity
The Milestones
It is important to note that emotional development is linked with other areas of development.

They have to bond with somebody and experience attachment before they can feel jealous
They must be able to tell the difference between strangers and people they know before they can feel shy.

For each of the milestones (if relevant) write the initial of the area of development necessary for it...
Analysis - picking the most important...
This is supposed to help you with the analysis part of your essay...

How to do analysis properly!!!

Milestone you think is most important
Positive impact
Negative impact
Now its your turn...
Pick a milestone...

Tell me the positive impact it can have if the baby develops in this area as it should...

Emotional Development In Infancy
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