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Columbus Day

No description

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Columbus Day

History of Columbus Day
Why Columbus Day should remain a Federal Holiday
Next reason why it should remain a federal holiday
Why Columbus Day should be celebrated
Columbus possessed admirable qualities, of which we should be proud. He challenged the conventional thought that the earth was flat, therefore, he sailed west to reach Asia, but instead hit the Americas. He was a skilled sea captain and mariner. We can be proud of these qualities.
Why Columbus day should celebrated
Columbus didn't introduce slavery into the New world. It had been there for years before his arrival. In addition, in his day and age, slavery wasn't viewed as bad or negative. He was just using them as slaves because that had been ok in his home for centuries. We can also celebrate his spirit of exploration and discovery.
More reasons why we should celebrate Columbus Day
Columbus day represents a spread of culture to our nation. It also recognizes the arrival of 5 million of our past ancestors. Columbus Day is also a patriotic holiday. The pledge of allegiance was written in 1892 in honor of the 400th anniversary of his first voyage.
Should Columbus Day Continue to be a National Holiday?
Columbus day is a United States holiday that celebrates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the new world on October 12, 1492. It was celebrated in a number of cities in the 18th century, but became a federal holiday in 1937. Throughout history, there has been arguing and controversy over Columbus Day being a National holiday.
Columbus's discovery led to the founding of one of the greatest nations on earth. Columbus Day represents the discovery of North America by western people.
Columbus day recognizes the achievements of a Renaissance explorer who founded the first permanent European settlement in the New World. It also celebrates the beginning of a cultural exchange between America and Europe.
Why Columbus day should cease to continue
Even though Columbus was a great explorer, he did harsh things to natives and even his own crew. He didn't discover continental U.S. He discovered the Caribbean islands.
Why Columbus day should not be celebrated
Columbus was not sailing for America. He was trying to reach Asia by a western water route. He called the natives Indians. Columbus even tortured and murdered the natives. He took them as slaves back to Europe, along with many other things.
Why Columbus Day should cease to be celebrated
Another reason why Columbus day should not be a national holiday is because nobody I know celebrates it. All of the banks and other federal businesses are closed and you can't go to them. There are a few parades and parties in bigger cities but other people just look at it as a day off from school or work.
Why we shouldn't celebrate Columbus day
Columbus took the natives and sold them as slaves. He also basically committed genocide against the natives. The entire Taino population was wiped out by Columbus,
Why we shouldn't celebrate Columbus day
A few more reasons on why we shouldn't celebrate Columbus day is he wasn't even the first person to reach the Americas. The Vikings were there hundreds of years before Columbus. They just didn't set up civilizations. A few people have said,"Columbus was the beginning of the American Holocaust."
My Opinion
In my opinion, we should either stop celebrating Columbus Day or rename it. We could call it Indigenous People Day or Explorers' Day. Columbus raped and murdered thousands of Native Americans and also sold them as slaves. He didn't discover the Continental U.S.
My Opinion
Columbus wasnt looking for America. He accidentally landed on islands off of the Continental U.S. He thought he landed in Asia because he called the Native Americans Indians. The Vikings were there hundreds of years before he landed. In conclusion, I think we should change the name or not celebrate Columbus Day at all

Why Columbus Day should not be celebrated
Columbus mass murdered and raped thousands of Native Americans and took their land. He basically committed genocide against them. He was a bad man and should not be celebrated in some peoples' opinion.
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