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The amazing world of Strawberries

No description

Annabel Kerr

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of The amazing world of Strawberries

Welcome to the Amazing world of Strawberries
Information from
Strawberries like acid soil and their PH level is 6.3 - 6.5
A strawberry plant roots rest during the winter, when spring comes the new strawberry leaves start to grow
the leaves use sunlight to help make food for the plant
Hope you learnt something
Good bye
Now you are about to read about The Amazing facts on how strawberries grow and what to do when you are around them and lots lots more.

I hope you have a lot of questions and I will try answer them
Interesting facts about strawberries
You only need to irrigate 2-3 times weekly but mostly from under the polythene
Did you know there are about 200 seeds on the outside of a strawberry
Hydroponic strawberries
hydroponic Strawberries are grown off the ground so that it makes them easier to harvest and pick when the strawberries are ready, in a standing position
get trickle tape to supply water to the plants, you need a water supply close by
you want to not put the plant too deep or too high you want to be able to just see the bottom of the green part and the top of the roots
Growing your own strawberry
Check every other day to see if any strawberries are ready
put straw under the plant so that the strawberries
To start off with growing strawberries use a plug
As soon as a strawberry is ripe pick it straight away so that it does not rot
If you are growing strawberries you may want to cover them with netting so that the birds do not eat the strawberries
What the best time of year and what to grow them in
many different types of strawberries do not mind growing in tubs it is basically the same for them as it is in the ground
The good thing about growing in tubs is that you keep all the slugs away
The best time to plant young strawberries is in the late summer
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