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French Revolution

World History

Matt Basinger

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of French Revolution

Financial Problems
Tennis Court Oath
Louis XVI
3 Estates
American Revolution
Bad Weather
Violence begins
Poor Crops
No Power
Declaration of the Rights of Man
War with Austria
Committee of Public Safety
Reign of Terror
Death of Robespierre
Maximillien Robespierre
Jean-Paul Marat
Republic of Virtue
Church of Reason
Royal Family Flees
King and Queen Beheaded
European Fears
spending too much money; bankrupting the country
France gave the US money to defeat Britain
Royal family and the court spent too much money.
First revolutionary action
3rd Estate meets on their own after being locked out by the other 2 estates
represented the King and his abuses of power
Housed weapons.
3rd Estate felt the need to defend themselves against the King's forces.
Afraid revolutionary ideas will spread
modeled after the English Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the US Bill of Rights
Olympe de Gouges
A separate document was written to protect the rights of women; had the same content.
the war with Austria is going badly.
the King and Queen are blamed and accused of treason
everyone was to be addressed as citizen
slavery abolished
secret police enforced obedience to the revolution
people attacked church officials
all religious names removed
new calendar created with 10-day weeks.
Sundays didn't exist anymore; no church service
use got out of control
people accused everyone of treason, thousands died
spokesperson of the Revolution
leader of the Committee of Public Safety
supporter of the Great Terror
gained too much power and was accused of being a dictator, guillotined
wrote the newspaper "Friend of the People"
wanted the poor to take from the rich what they needed
supporter of the Great Terror
assassinated in his bathtub
allowed churches to reopen for worship
had checks and balances to prevent one group/person gaining too much power
Questions for Discussion
Is violence ok if in the end more rights are extended to the people?
Should we support modern day democratic revolutions in the Middle East?
Can a democracy be a dictatorship? How do we avoid this?
Should we intervene when violence gets out of control?
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