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When we two parted

No description

Natalie Mihigo

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of When we two parted

When We Two Parted
By: George Gordon Byron

Poetic Devices
The speakers use of poetic devices gives the reader the ability to understand his pain.
The theme of this poem is pain. Throughout the poem the speaker is expressing his pain because he is heartbroken and doesn't know what other way to feel. Another theme can be keeping secrets. The silence the speaker has to keep is making the separation harder on him and having a secret only brought him pain.
This poem is about a separation between two lovers. The cause of the separation is not clear but the speaker is able to express how the separation affected him.The speakers makes it clear that he lost all happiness from the separation and that he is devastated. Hearing his lovers name brings him pain and shame because he believes nobody knew her like he did. The lover is forced to grieve in silence because nobody knows of his relationship with his lover because it was a secret.
" in
- auditory imagery

"They name thee before me, a
to mine ear"
- auditory imagery

grew they cheek and
, colder thy kiss"
- visual imagery and tactile imagery
Sound Device
The sound device used in this poem is end rhyme.
The poem is arranged in a form of four octets with
the end of every other line rhyming with each other.

Speaker & Tone
The speaker is a lover. The tone of the speaker is sad, lonely and depressed.

We are able to establish this tone from the speakers use of words like, "shame'', "broken", "rue", and "silence".
When we two

In silence and
Half broken-

To sever for
Pale grew thy cheek and

Colder thy
Truly that hour

Sorrow to
This sound device expresses the sorrow in the speakers voice.
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