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EVS+SVE, Sustainable entrepreneurship values through E-learning

Prezi presentation of the Multi Measure Project: "EVS+SVE, Sustainable entrepreneurship values through E-learning", organised by Solidarity Tracks with the support of Erasmus + Program

Silvia Lopez

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of EVS+SVE, Sustainable entrepreneurship values through E-learning

Contact meeting in Lefkas, Greece.
4-5 of May
Multi Measure Project:

EVS + SVE. Sustainable entrepreneurship Values through E-learning

Organized by
and in cooperation with its partners
with the support of
Giving the youth workers, the staff and the experts of the partner organizations, the opportunity to obtain new knowledge, skills and competences about notions of the e-learning within the framework of informal education and about uses of modern methods of learning in the sector of young people’s informal education (methods based on virtual technologies) with a view to update and improve their own working process
Promoting the adoption of innovative practices within the frame of EVS and the education in the sustainable entrepreneurship, by working out learner-tailored and teamwork-centered paths of learning and making smart use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and of free educational resources, in a broader context of an open, accessible learning to everyone.
Allowing the beneficiaries of EVS to develop their personal competences in the course of their service and join in an educational process which facilitates their transition from the world of volunteering into the professional world, by means of modules of e-learning which
help them to acquire skills commensurate to their own needs (personal and professional), ensuring thus their potential as active citizens
Creating an innovative tool of identifying and validating the knowledge, skills and competences acquired by non formal education, through e-learning.
Improving the capacities / competences of the partner-organizations which are active in the volunteering field as well as in the education in entrepreneurship, making use of the potential of e-learning and particularly of the “Moodle” application.
Improving the participation in the learning process and boosting the ties between international volunteering and the “employability” (improving the potential for young people to land a real job, by working out a high quality system of continuous on-line education).
Through four activities of mobility, which complement each other, in 1 year period (from February 2015 to January 2016).
Activity 1
One representative from each partner organization. They determined jointly the methods for attaining and exploiting the effects of our projects.
Three participants from each partner organization involved in the EVS’ actions (e.g. as mentor/supervisor, program-coordinator...) took part. We shall piece together sessions of online education which will develop 8 basic “key-competences” so that the volunteers’ training in entrepreneurial matters can be enhanced, in particular as regards the social entrepreneurship, which is greatly conductive to their preparation for the vocational life.
A training course of 9 days hold in Romania, where the same participants as in the previous mobility will come together, with a view to create tools for the evaluation of the online sessions and to work out methods and instruments for the certification/identification of the competences acquired by the online Trainings.
A training course of 6 days, hold in Lefkas, in which 2 participants from each partner organization will attend (they will be suggested from the teams who took part in the previous program). Our aim is to enable them to develop further skills, become efficient future mentors of online trainings for the benefit of the European volunteers, and assume an energetic, fruitful role in keeping our platform in good order and even in upgrading it.
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4

1st Training Course in Lefkas, Greece.
9-20 of June

They created a questionnaire to define the needs of EVS
They planned the future meetings in Greece and Romania
Learning about EVS real experience of Lefkas to know the reality of the EVS
1.Beyond the borders of an EVS experience
2.Project Management
3. Help elders to enjoy, love and play
4. Conflict Management & Prevention
8. Promote, Involve and re-act
10. How to share my experience with another EVS-ers
9. How to prepare ex-volunteer to find a JOB
7. Cultural Training EVS
6. How to support and follow learning in EVS
5. Do they bite? Training to prepare volunteers work with disabled people
3rd Training Course in Lefkas, Greece.
8-15 of October
10-20 of August
2nd Training Course in Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania.
Video Making Of
Since we finished the activity 2 in Lefkas, we had almost two months to test the online courses
Current and former EVS Volunteers of the partners´ organisations were the first learners of our platform
When contact meeting ended, the partners´organisations spread the questionaire created between their current and former EVS volunteers
This meant a big research that gave us information about the needs of volunteers in many different projects and countries
This is the result of one of the partners as example
Before starting with the platform itself, we dedicated the first days to get the knowledge about EVS experience. It was useful to understand how EVS feel and how organisation can support them.
Graphic facilitation book
This training course will provide you basic information about Project management, so you can be successful in your projects.
The knowledge and skills that you will learn, practice and improve during your projects will help you for your EVS but also in your professional and personal life. Those knowledge and skills are transferable and will develop your employability
The aim of this e-learning course is to support ex-EVS volunteers in the engagement in a local community through own initiatives, get involved in an EVS Mentoring system and benefit from other type of Erasmus+ opportunities at local, national and European levels.
The main objective of this e-training is to familiarize and support future EVS volunteers in the concerning the elders living in public centers. The future EVS will have access to theoretical information, different types of methods and activities which can be realized with the elders. Also they will learn how to react in different emergency situations (First Aid) and will be prepared to the work with the elders in a proper way.
This course is for young people, who have the connection and relationship with different cultures and societies. It focuses in two main topics: how to manage Conflicts and how to prevent conflicts.
The activities are according to workshops topics. The students have to practices and check there knowledge by doing and submitting different types of tasks.
Do you want to do EVS project with disabled people? Do you know nothing about them or just want to know more about the topic? This training is exactly for you.
We will show you how you can prepare yourself and be ready for start your EVS project with disabled people. We encourage you and increase your sense of security.
Come, and be ready for start an unforgettable experience!
This course will allow to learn to use Wordpress to creating an EVS experience-based platform. Also, to create contents for show how your EVS daily life looks through uploading photos, pictures and text. Besides, it will help volunteers to be informed about how to use the EVS network to promote and share their activities.As well as to learn the utility of social networks for sharing contents and experiences and to learn how to organize offline events which involve ex-volunteers through.
Objective of the course : To prepare the know-how for ex-volunteer to integrate the JOB market in one day.
1. To examine/detect the personality, for job focus according to the previous analysis.
2. To learn how to create CV and appropriate documentation and prepare the interview.
3. To identify the two types of job market and create the steps to find a company for working.
4. To choose the appropriate time for realizing all previous steps
This course is planned to assist and support the EVS volunteer, promoting the EVS activities organized in local community. It will last for five weeks and will cover the basic
needs of the volunteer to advertise the event.Through the first part of the course, we provide to the trainees basic information about how to promote EVS activities. In the
second part we provide the steps a volunteer can use for involving the locals in the organized activities and methods of evaluating the promotion methods used.
The target of this course is to give you the basic knowledge about intercultural communication.
This course is going to involve the participants into the topics such as intercultural communication and cultures.
The objectives for our participants are: to know about culture, to involve the person in the culture, to make adaption easier, to build international teams and steps to achieve intercultural competence.
This course is to find out which competences EVS volunteers typically develop in their EVS projects and how they develop them.
To identify what is needed for the development of learning processes for EVS volunteers and to motivate and support volunteers in how to write their competences for the Youthpass.
We had presentations of best practices, group discussions, role play theater, workshops, visits and meetings with volunteers
After all these workshops, the participants were ready to start building the E-Platform where EVS will find different online trainings.
Working on small groups of 3 members, participants decided to create 10 online trainings which topics are based on the needs of the EVS.
During the seminar, magazines and videos were created to show all the process and share all the information about the project.
The 10 online courses are:
Defining the evaluation, monitoring and certification approaches for our online trainings
Testing and adjusting the 10 online trainings create in Lefkas
Video Making of
Participants created 9 new online trainings
How to work with minors
4 Things You Need To Know About You EVS
YOUth Work and Non-Formal Education- A Way towards Future
How to Organize Sport Activities in EVS
Ecologically responsible behavior for EVSers
Preparing for EVS
How to use WebRadio for promoting your EVS project
Graphic facilitation
You will find useful information in this training course about how to manage your EVS. We will help you with some suggestions about how to prepare you in this process. Also, you will find the ways to re-integrate and prepare yourself after EVS life. And, you will find helpful information about how to be in a good relationship with your hosting organization.
The course shows how the volunteers can find information, what institutions they can use to find reliable information about ongoing and upcoming events.
The online training course “How to use WebRadio for promoting your EVS project” will teach EVS to use radio media as a tool for successfully promote his/her project. For this, we aim with this training course to show a way to create an online radio and radio materials.
The objective of this training course is to provide necessary information on how to become EVS
In this e-learning course you will be able to gain practical and specific knowledge regarding planning, organizing and managing the sport activities. To make it easier for you we have provided some basic guidelines on how to encourage your participants and how to optimize your financial and time resources so you can be useful to your community.
This training course is focusing on giving insights into youth work, its essentials, including non-formal education, competences and recognition across Europe.
This course is about how to work as educator and workshop facilitator for children. It is divided in three parts: working with 2-6 years old children, working with children 6-12 and how to work with teenagers
Graphic facilitation book
Like in Lefkas, during our days in Romania, the participants created magazines and videos, summarizing our meeting
Creation of a standard common certification diploma for all the courses of our moodle platform
Evaluation Matrix Example
This course will teach you how to use your creativity to draw in order to facilitate workshops in a graphic way
EVS volunteers will learn how to respect environment and how to behave ecological responsible during his/her EVS project.
Finalising the 19 online courses
Once the activities and content was finished and validated, the participants gathered all the text of the platform and corrected it grammatically and orthographically
The task and role of the e-mentors
The methods followed by e-mentor to impart his knowledge and interpret assessments of beneficiaries
How e-mentors should behave and their relationship with the learners
Guide tool for e-mentors
Guide tool for EVS users
Dissemination of the project
The participants became officially E-Mentors
Graphic facilitation book
Video Making of
As well as in the first two meetings, we created a different materials that show our working and learning process during seminar:
Promotional video
EVS volunteers from all the partners tested the courses and gave feedback to the creators
The two representatives of the organisations took the responsibility of becoming E-MENTOR at least of one of the courses. But,
What it means to be e-mentor?
The profile of the e-mentor
Through different workshops, the participants defined:
The participants created two manuals to help the newcomers in the platform and guide the users
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