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The Life You Imagine By: Derek Jeter with Jack Curry.

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allison sybert

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Life You Imagine By: Derek Jeter with Jack Curry.

The Life You Imagine

Main Characters
Derek in the main character in the book. but he talkes about his parents and sister alot along with his teamates and close friends.
Jeter, Derek, and Jack Curry. The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams. New York: Crown, 2000. Print
The book did not have one exact setting. In the book Derek talkes about how when he was younger he lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Then he talkes about how when he became part of the yankee minor league teams he lived in tampa and, he has stayes in tampa since then.
Derek Jeter
Derek was born in Pequannock, New Jersey. He lived in West Milford, New Jersey till he was four then moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan. He graduted high school in 1988. He started on the yankee class A minor league team in 1994. He has played for a yankee team ever since.
Joe Dimaggio quote
a half hour before each game Derek runs down the dug out runway to the dug out and reaches up and touches the white letters in the blue metal, that reads "I want to thank the good lord for making me a yankee" -Joe D. He does this because its a superstition and he agrees with those sentiments.

By: Derek Jeter with
Jack Curry.
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