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The Impact of Multimedia

No description

Vanessa Villanueva

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of The Impact of Multimedia

Vanessa Villanueva Period 4 The Impact of Multimedia Multimedia's impact on the
world is very large.. Multimedia involves a combination
of different types of media.
These include audio, video,
images etc. This presentation is also
a mixture of multimedia. It affects things such as
how others learn and the learning
environment, an average person’s daily
life, and even business. Education “Multimedia is regarded by
students to be a positive change
that they welcome with open arms”. Teachers are utilizing multimedia into daily
classes via power-points and slide shows to further
explain material in a much more entertaining way.
By integrating factors such as color, pictures, videos,
audio and more, students are more likely to retain
a higher amount of information opposed to
previous teaching styles like lecture notes. But what is Multimedia? Even outside of our daily educational routine, multimedia is taking over our free time as well. Because the major use of technology that has become a large part of our century, multimedia is just another thing that we stumble upon every day. Daily Life New devices are very treasured today, especially things like our beloved smart phones, they contain much personal content, messages, photos and videos. You’re carrying happy memories of multimedia in your back pocket Personal Devices Today we are fortunate enough to have access to multimedia around every corner on the internet. The internet is becoming more important every day and is serving as a vessel for media such as videos, music, pictures and lots of other media types to be spread and shared
around the world. Internet Video games allow people to temporarily take part in their own world for hours on end if they wanted to. They serve as ‘fantasies’ and “are addictive because they allow people to escape reality, offer challenges, provide a world where mistakes can be undone and allow people to experience their dreams
which they cannot experience
in real life”. Video Games Because we are surrounded with media on our daily basis, making a bold ‘identity’ will make a business more memorable. Business People’s attention is quickly grabbed by media, big bold letters, colors, images and anything interesting will make for a memorable marketing strategy.
Media has become an advantage in the business life if used correctly and can benefit owners greatly compared to those who are not.

Overall, the impact of media affects many things like education, daily life, and even business life in a positive way
The End (:
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