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The Decision Making Process

No description

Andrew Rice

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of The Decision Making Process

Step 2: List The Options
Step 3: Weigh The Possible Outcomes
Weigh the possible outcomes so you can see the potential pros and cons of each decision so you can eventually make the best one.
Step 1: State The Situation
State the situation so you know what decision you face.
Step 4: Consider Values
Consider your values to figure out what is important to you. You don't want to regret your decision.
Step 5:Make A Decision And Act
Step 6:Evaluate Your Decision
Evalute your decision so you can see if you made the right choice, and if not try to understand why so you can make better choices in the future.
The Decision Making Process

The Decision Making Process
Example: "I have the option to go to Tyngsboro High School, Greater Lowell Technical High School, or Innovation Academy.
List the options so you can see all your choices.
By Kevin Carpenter and Andrew Rice
Example: "If I go to Tyngsboro High School, I will be with all my friends while I prepare to go to college. If I go to GLTHS, I will have to make new friends while I learn a trade. If I go to Innovation Academy, I will need to make new friends while I prepare for college.
Example: "If I go to THS, I will have fun with friends while I prepare for college. If I go to GLTHS, I leave my friends while preparing for a job right out of high school. If I go to IACS, I also leave my friends while I prepare for college."
To act on the decision made so you follow through with what was decided.
Example: "I will go to THS, therefore I will not apply to GLTHS or IACS."
Example: "I plan to go to college and THS offers honors and AP classes therefore I know my future is bright. And being in class and on sport teams with my friends is an added benefit. I think I will be happiest attending THS."
Which high school should I attend?
Example: "When I graduate from Tyngsboro Middle School I will need to choose which high school I would like to attend."
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